color = darkgray
name = "Thermoplasma"
domain = Archaea
phylum = Euryarchaeota
classis = Thermoplasmata
ordo = Thermoplasmatales
familia = Thermoplasmataceae
genus = "Thermoplasma"
subdivision_ranks = Species
subdivision =
* "T. acidophilum"

* "T. sp. P61"

* "T. sp. S01"

* "T. sp. S02"

* "T. sp. XT101"

* "T. sp. XT102"

* "T. sp. XT103"

* "T. sp. XT107"

* "T. volcanium"

* "uncultured Thermoplasma sp."
synonyms =
* "Thermoplasma Darland et al. 1970"

In taxonomy, "Thermoplasma" is a genus of the Thermoplasmataceae. [See the NCBI [ webpage on Thermoplasma] . Data extracted from the cite web | url= | title=NCBI taxonomy resources | publisher=National Center for Biotechnology Information | accessdate=2007-03-19]

"Thermoplasma" is a genus of archaea. It belongs to the Thermoplasmata, which thrive in acidic and high-temperature environments. "Thermoplasma" are facultative anaerobes and respire using sulfur and organic carbon. They do not contain a cell wall but instead contain a unique membrane composed mainly of a tetraether lipoglycan containing atypical archaeal tetraether lipid attached to a glucose- and mannose-containing oligosaccharide. This lipoglycan is presumably responsible for the acid and thermal stability of the "Thermoplasma" membrane.

Currently the genus "Thermoplasma" contains two species, "T. acidophilum" and "T. volcanium". "T. acidophilum" was originally isolated from a self-heating coal refuse pile, at pH 2 and 59 °C. Many "T. volcanium" strains have been isolated from solfatara fields throughout the world. Both species are highly flagellated. The genomes for both "T. acidophilum" (Ruepp, 2000) and "T. volcanicum" have been sequenced.


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