Zack (given name)

Zack (given name)

Zack, Zach, Zac, Zakk, or Zak can be a short form of the given name Zachariah or Zachary, or a given name in itself, and may refer to:

Famous people

* Zach Braff (born 1975), American actor known for his role in television series "Scrubs"
* Zach Day (born 1978), major league baseball player
* Zac Efron (born 1987), American actor known for his role in "High School Musical".
* Zack Esposito (born 1983), American amateur wrestler
* Zac Foley (1970 - 2002), British musician, bass guitarist for EMF
* Zac Farro (born 1990), Drummer for Paramore
* Zach Galifianakis (born 1969), American comedian
* Zack Greinke (born 1983), American Major League baseball player
* Zac Hanson (born 1985), American musician, drummer for Hanson
* Zak Keith, British guitarist
* Zach Kosnitzky, Kid Nation Participant
* Zach Parise (born 1984), American ice hockey player
* Zac Posen (born 1980), American fashion designer
* Zack de la Rocha (born 1970), lead singer of Rage Against the Machine
* Zack Shada (born 1992), American actor
* Zack Simpson, American inventor, scientist, and engineer
* Zack Snyder (born 1966), American film director and screenwriter
* Zak Starkey (born 1965), English drummer for The Who and Oasis
* Zack Werner, Canadian artist, producer, lawyer, and manager in the music industry
* Zack Wheat (1888-1972), American Major League Baseball player
* Zach Whitmarsh (born 1977), Canadian track and field athlete

Fictional people and characters

* Zack Allan in television series "Babylon 5"
* Zack Braden, the janitor in television series "Scrubs"
* Zak Dingle in British soap Emmerdale
* Zack Fair in role-playing game "Final Fantasy VII" and its spin-offs
* Zakk Irius in anime and manga series "Death Note"
* Zack (Zacharias) Lane in the novel "Zack" by William Bell
* Zack Martin in television series "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody"
* Zak McKracken, hero of adventure game Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders
* Zack Morris in television series "Saved by the Bell"
* Zack Taylor in television series "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers"
* Zack "(Battlestar Galactica)"
* Zack, character in computer game "The Daedalus Encounter"
* Zack (Dead or Alive) in video game series "Dead or Alive"
* Zach (comics), mutant in the Marvel Comics Universe
* Zak (TUGS) in television series "TUGS"
* Zack, one of the titular characters in ""

ee also

* Zack (disambiguation page)
* Zechariah (disambiguation page) - includes Zachary, etc.
* Zechariah (given name) - includes people named Zachary, etc.

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