Utah Supreme Court

Utah Supreme Court

court_name = Utah Supreme Court

imagesize = 300px
caption = The Utah Supreme Court meets in the Scott M. Matheson Courthouse. Before the Matheson Courthouse was completed, the Court met in the Utah State Capitol.
established =
country = United States
location = Salt Lake City
type = Executive appointment with legislative confirmation and retention elections
authority = Utah State Constitution
terms =
positions = 5
website = [http://www.utcourts.gov/courts/sup/ Official site]
chiefjudgetitle = Chief Justice
chiefjudgename = Christine M. Durham
termstart = 2002
termend = 2006
termend2 =
The Utah Supreme Court is the state supreme court of Utah. It has final authority of interpretation of the Utah Constitution. The Utah Supreme Court is composed of five members: a chief justice, an associate chief justice, and three justices. All Justices are appointed by the governor of Utah, with confirmation by the Utah Senate. The justices vote amongst themselves for the chief justice and associate chief justice, who each serve a term of four years. In 2008, the Justices were:
*Chief Justice Christine M. Durham Appointed 1982, became Chief Justice April, 2002.
*Associate Chief Justice Michael J. Wilkins Appointed January, 2000.
*Justice Matthew B. Durrant Appointed January, 2000.
*Justice Jill N. Parrish Appointed January, 2003.
*Justice Ronald E. Nehring Appointed May, 2003.

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* [http://www.utcourts.gov/courts/sup/ Official website]

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