Badimaya language

Badimaya language

region=Murchison area of Western Australia
speakers=Possibly 4

Badimaya is an Australian Aboriginal language. It is a member of the Kartu subgroup of the Southwest branch of the Pama-Nyungan family.

Badimaya country lies in the area between Mt Magnet and Dalwallinu. The Yamaji Language Centre has been carrying out work on the Badimaya language since 1993 and has produced an illustrated wordlist as well as grammatical materials and a dictionary (the latter two unpublished). A grammar of Badimaya was written by Leone Dunn in the 1980s.


* Dunn, Leone. 1988. 'Badimaya, a Western Australian language' pp. 19-49 in "Papers in Australian Linguistics" No. 17, Pacific Linguistics, Canberra.

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