Fleming's right hand rule

Fleming's right hand rule

Fleming's right hand rule (for generators) shows the direction of induced current flow when a conductor moves in a magnetic field.

The right hand is held with the thumb, first finger and second finger mutually at right angles, as shown in the diagram .

* The Thumb represents the direction of Motion of the conductor.

* The First finger represents the direction of the Field.

* The Second finger represents the direction of the induced or generated Current (in the classical direction, from positive to negative).

*One particular way of remembering the rule is the "FBI" acronym for Force(or otherwise motion), B as the magnetic field sign and I as the current. The subsequent letters corespond to subsequent fingers, counting from the top. Thumb -> F; First finger -> B; Second finger -> I

There is also a Fleming's left hand rule (for electric motors). The appropriately-handed rule can be recalled from the letter "g", which is in "right" and "generator".

These mnemonics are named after British engineer John Ambrose Fleming, who invented them.


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* [http://micro.magnet.fsu.edu/electromag/electricity/generators/index.html Diagrams at magnet.fsu.edu]
* [http://www.broadeducation.com/htmlDemos/AbsorbPhysics/CurrentMagnets/page.htm Diagram and interactive exercises]

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