1857 in literature

1857 in literature

The year 1857 in literature involved some significant new books.


*Jules Verne marries Honorine de Viane Morel.

New books

*Hans Christian Andersen - "To Be or Not to Be"
*Robert Michael Ballantyne
**"The Coral Island"
*George Borrow - "The Romany Rye"
*Charlotte Brontë - "The Professor"
*Wilkie Collins - "The Dead Secret"
*Dinah Craik - "John Halifax, Gentleman"
*Charles Dickens - "Little Dorrit"
*Alexandre Dumas, père - "The Wolf Leader"
*Gustave Flaubert - "Madame Bovary"
*Catherine Gore - "The Two Aristocracies"
*Thomas Hughes - "Tom Brown's Schooldays"
*Fitz Hugh Ludlow - "The Hasheesh Eater"
*Herman Melville - "The Confidence-Man"
*G. W. M. Reynolds - "The Necromancer"
*Joseph Xavier Saintine - "Seul"
*Catharine Maria Sedgwick - "Married or Single?"
*Adalbert Stifter - "Der Nachsommer"
*William Makepeace Thackeray - "The Virginians"
*Anthony Trollope - "Barchester Towers"

New drama

*Wilkie Collins (with Charles Dickens) - "The Frozen Deep"
*Henrik Ibsen - "The Vikings at Helgeland"


*Charles Baudelaire - "Les Fleurs du mal"


*Delia Bacon - "The Philosophy of Shakespeare's Plays"
*Philip Gosse - ""
*Hinton Rowan Helper - "The Impending Crisis of the South"
*Washington Irving - "The Life of George Washington, Volume 4"
*Allan Kardec - The Spirits' Book


*February - Arthur Tolkien, father of J. R. R. Tolkien
*February 23 - Margaret Deland (+ 1945)
*July - Adriana Porter, Wicca "poet" (+ 1946)
*July 24 - Henrik Pontoppidan, Nobel Prize-winning author (+ 1943)
*September 30 - Hermann Sudermann, dramatist and novelist (+ 1928)
*October 31 - Axel Munthe, doctor and author (+ 1949)
*November 22 - George Gissing (+ 1903)
*November 26 - Ferdinand de Saussure, Swiss linguist (+ 1913)
*December 3 - Joseph Conrad (+ 1924)
*"date unknown" - Benjamin Eli Smith, editor of reference books (+ 1913)


*January 5 - Albert Schwegler, philosopher and theologian (b. 1819)
*February 3 - Robert Isaac Wilberforce, historian and religious writer (b. 1802)
*March 11 - Manuel José Quintana, poet (b. 1772)
*March 26 - John Mitchell Kemble, historian (b. 1807)
*May 2 - Alfred de Musset, novelist and poet (b. 1810) (heart failure)
*June 8 - Douglas William Jerrold, dramatist (b. 1803)
*June 25 - Isabella Kelly, novelist and poet (b. 1759)
*July 29, James Holman, travel writer (b. 1786)
*August 3 - Eugène Sue, novelist (b. 1804)
*August 10 - John Wilson Croker, political writer (b. 1780)
*September 5 - Auguste Comte, French philosopher (b. 1798)
*September 18 - Jean Baptiste Gustave Planche, critic (b. 1808)
*November 26 - Joseph Freiherr von Eichendorff, poet and novelist (b. 1788)
*December 13 - Richard Furness, poet (b. 1791)



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