Traditional Anglican Communion

Traditional Anglican Communion

The Traditional Anglican Communion (TAC) is an international communion of churches in the Anglican tradition that are independent of the Anglican Communion and the Archbishop of Canterbury. The TAC upholds the theological doctrines of the Affirmation of St. Louis and a Catholic interpretation of the Thirty-Nine Articles. Each of the respective jurisdictions utilizes a designated Book of Common Prayer that is deemed free of innovation. Most parishioners of these churches would be described as being traditional Anglo-Catholics in their theology and liturgical practice. Some parishes use the Anglican Missal in their liturgies. The TAC is guided by a college of bishops from across the communion and headed by an elected Primate [ The Traditional Anglican Communion Concordat ] .

The international communion was formed by Louis Falk in 1991, which elected him its first Primate that same year. He was succeeded in 2002 by Archbishop John Hepworth of the Anglican Catholic Church in Australia.

The TAC churches have separated from their parent Anglican Communion churches over a number of different issues. The principal issue has been the ordination of women. Other issues include liturgical revisions, the acceptance of homosexuality and the importance of tradition.

Relations with the Roman Catholic Church

The TAC seeks unity, without losing core Anglican distinctives, with the Roman Catholic Church [] . If this union is successful the TAC churches may be permitted to form their own Anglican Rite, analogous to the Byzantine and other Eastern Rite jurisdictions which are in communion with Rome. The TAC could also simply be absorbed into the Pastoral Provision of the Anglican Use. If successful, it would be the first Anglican jurisdiction to reconcile with Rome since Mary I briefly returned England to Roman Catholicism in 1553, only to have her successor, Elizabeth I, reverse the move.

In a statement authorised by Archbishop Hepworth on October 16, 2007 [Hepworth, John. The Messenger Journal:] :

The College of Bishops of the Traditional Anglican Communion (TAC) met in Plenary Session in Portsmouth, England, in the first week of October 2007. The Bishops and Vicars-General unanimously agreed to the text of a letter to the See of Rome seeking full, corporate, sacramental union. The letter was signed solemnly by all the College and entrusted to the Primate and two bishops chosen by the College to be presented to the Holy See. The letter was cordially received at the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. The Primate of the TAC has agreed that no member of the College will give interviews until the Holy See has considered the letter and responded.”

+ John

The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith responded on 5 July 2008, indicating that it was giving serious consideration to the prospect of corporate union and observing that "the situation within the Anglican Communion in general has become markedly more complex". [ [ "The Messenger" Journal] ]


At present the Traditional Anglican Communion consists of 16 member churches:

In Africa:
*The Anglican Church in Southern Africa - Traditional Rite
*The Church of Umzi Wase Tiyopia
* [ The Church of South Africa-Western Rite]
*Continuing Anglican Communion in Zambia
*Anglican Catholic Church - Democratic Republic of the Congo

The Americas:
*Anglican Church in America
*Anglican Catholic Church of Canada
*The Missionary Diocese of Central America
*The Missionary Diocese of Puerto Rico

*The Anglican Church of India
*The Orthodox Church of Pakistan
*The Nippon Kirisuto Sei Ko Kai

*Anglican Catholic Church in Australia
*The Church of Torres Strait

*The Traditional Anglican Church (England)
*The Church of Ireland - Traditional Rite
*The Holy Catholic Church Diocese of Europe - Western Rite


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