Tape dispenser

Tape dispenser

A tape dispenser is an object that holds a roll of tape and has a mechanism on one end to easily shear the tape. Dispensers vary widely based on the tape they dispense. Abundant and most common, clear tape dispensers (like those used in an office or at home) are commonly made of plastic, and may be disposable. Other dispensers are stationary and may have sophisticated features to control tape usage and improve ergonomics.

Hand held dispenser

Some dispensers are small enough so that the dispenser, with the tape in it, can be taken to the point of application. The dispenser allows for a convenient cut-off and helps the operator apply (and sometimes helps rub down) the tape. It allows the tape to be taken to the point of application for operator ease.

Table Top Dispensers

Pull and Tear

Table top or desk dispensers are frequently used to hold the tape and allow the operator to pull off the desired amount, tear the tape off, and take the tape to the job.

Stationary Electronic Tape Dispenser

Table top dispensers are available with electrical assists to dispense and cut pressure sensitive tape to a predetermined length. They are often used in an industrial setting to increase productivity along manufacturing or assembly lines. They eliminate the need to manually measure and cut each individual piece of tape on high volumes of product or packaging. By automating this process, automatic tape dispensers reduce material waste caused by human error. They also reduce the time needed to cut each piece of tape, therefore reducing labor costs and increasing productivity. Semi-automatic tape dispensers are often classified into 3 categories:
*Light-duty: For light, non-industrial use
*Industrial: A sturdier dispenser meant for use over one 8 hour shift per day
*Heavy-duty: The sturdiest of automatic tape dispensers, constructed to withstand 24/7 use in back to back shiftsDue to the varying attributes of pressure sensitive tape, there are many different features of automatic tape dispensers which vary from model to model:;Adjustable Pressure Feed : Allows the user to control the amount of pressure placed on the tape when it is fed through the advancement rollers. This feature is useful for more efficient dispensing of tapes of all different thicknesses. ;Modified Advancement Rollers : Depending on the type of tape being dispensed, many automatic dispensers have modified advancement rollers in order to function better with extra narrow tapes, protective film, foam tapes, etc. ;Photosensor : Many dispensers come equipped with photosensors in order to detect the presence or absence of a piece of tape and facilitate advancement. Dispensers can also be equipped with dual photosensors in order to dispense two rolls of tape at once. ;Creaser : Creasers are installed on tape dispensers in order to reinforce tapes that are very thin or have the tendency to curl up (tapes made of Mylar and Kapton often have this tendency).;Safety Guard Cutting Head : With a safety guard cutting head, cutting blades cannot function if a foreign object is obstructing the cutting area (fingers, tools, etc.).;Programmable Memory : With a programmable memory, users have the option of saving any number of preset lengths, depending on the dispenser, for automatic feeding and cutting. ;Interval Switch : Allows the user to control the speed at which the tape is automatically dispensed and cut. ;Counter : Maintains a running total of the amount of pieces dispensed. ;Foot switch : Plugs into the dispenser and gives the user hands-free operation. Dispenses a piece of tape each time the switch is pressed.

Automated equipment

Some taping machinery is semi-automatic: the operator takes an object and puts it in or through a machine which automatically applies the tape. This helps save time and controls the consumption of tape.

Fully automatic equipment is available which does not require an operator. All functions can be automated.

High speed packaging machinery is an example of highly automated equipment.

Gummed (Water Activated) Tape Dispenser

Gummed (water activated) tape dispensers measure, dispense, moisten, and cut gummed or water activated tape. This tape is often composed of a paper backing and adhesive glue that is unable to adhere until it is “activated” by contact with water. To perform this step, gummed dispensers often employ a water bottle and wetting brush in order to moisten each piece of tape as it is dispensed. Many gummed dispensers also feature a top heater, which is mounted over the feed area in order to warm and maintain the dispenser’s water temperature. These heaters are used to ensure maximum wetting and are ideal for cold climates. Gummed tape dispensers are often used in packaging or shipping departments for closing cardboard boxes.

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