IFA may refer to:

* Ifá, a system of divination that originated in West Africa
* Immunofluorescent antibody analysis
*Incomplete Freund's Adjuvant is an antigen solution emulsified in mineral oil, used as an immunopotentiator (booster of the immune system).
* Independent Financial Adviser, a UK Financial Services professional
* India Foundation for the Arts, a philanthropic grant-giving organisation
* Indian Football Association, the organisation that administers association football in the state of West Bengal, India
* Industrieverband Fahrzeugbau, a former East German vehicle manufacturer
* Institut Francais d'Architecture,
* Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen
* Institut für Fabrikanlagen und Logistik, at Universität Hannover
* Institute of Field Archaeologists, a professional organisation for archaeologists in the United Kingdom
* Institute of Financial Accountants, a professional body representing financial accountants in the United Kingdom
* Institute of Fine Arts, a graduate school of New York University
* Interferometer, a device to measure the interference pattern caused by differing waves
* International Fiscal Association, an international organisation dealing with fiscal matters
* International Forfaiting Association, the international trade body for Forfaiting
* International Freezone Association, a Free Zone (Scientology) group that practices in "original L. Ron Hubbard" writing.
* Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin, the International radio exhibition Berlin
* Iraq Football Association, the governing body for football in Iraq
* Irish Farmers' Association
* Irish Football Association, the organising body for football in Northern Ireland
* Israel Football Association, the governing body of football in Israel
* Interconnexion France Angleterre the electricity interconnection between Great Britain and France
* Inter-Island Ferry Authority, a ferry service in the U.S. State of Alaska
* Ivar F. Andresen, a Norwegian opera singer
* Insurance, Financial and Actuarial Analysis, a University programme coordinated by the Chinese University of Hong Kong
* Intercollegiate Fencing Association, the oldest collegiate fencing conference in the United States


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