List of European birds

List of European birds

In this article, Europe refers to the geographical continent, not the somewhat larger Western Palearctic, which includes parts of the Middle East and north Africa.

There are about 700 species of bird in the area, and in general the avifauna is similar to Asia north of the Himalayas, which shares the same ecozone. There are also many groups shared with North America.

Conversely, many of the southern hemisphere groups, including the ancient flightless " Struthioniformes" (ostrich order), and their relatives the tinamous are not represented at all.

The order follows the Voous Order, with the revision of the Anseriformes and Galliformes brought to the start of the list, adopted by all European countries.

European birds include the following families:

* Anatidae swans, geese and ducks

* Tetraonidae grouse
* Phasianidae partridges, pheasants, quails etc.

* Gaviidae divers

* Podicepidae grebes

* Diomedeidae albatross rare vagrant
* Procellariidae fulmars, shearwaters, gadfly and other petrels.
* Hydrobatidae storm-petrels

* Phaethontidae tropicbirds very rare vagrant
* Sulidae gannets
* Phalacrocoracidae cormorants
* Pelecanidae pelicans
* Fregatidae frigatebirds very rare vagrant

Ciconiiformes (American taxonomists often include all the raptors in this order.)
* Ardeidae herons and bitterns
* Ciconiidae: storks
* Threskiomithidae ibises and spoonbills
* Phoenicopteridae flamingos

Accipitriformes (Some classifications also include the Falconidae.)
* Accipitridae hawks, eagles, buzzards and Old World vultures, harriers, kites and allies
* Pandionidae Osprey

Falconiformes (Sometimes included in the Accipitriformes.)
* Falconidae falcons

* Rallidae rails and crakes
* Turnicidae buttonquails very marginal in Europe
* Gruidae cranes
* Otidae bustards

* Haematopodidae oystercatchers
* Recurvirostridae avocets and stilts
* Burhinidae thick-knees
* Glareolidae coursers and pratincoles
* Charadrfidae plovers
* Scolopacidae typical waders or shorebirds
* Stercoraracidae skuas
* Laridae gulls
* Sternidae terns
* Alcidae auks

* Pteroclidae sandgrouse

* Columbidae pigeons and doves

* Psittacidae parrots introduced only

* Cuculidae cuckoos

* Tytonidae barn owls
* Strigidae owls

* Caprimulgidae nightjars

* Apodidae swifts

* Alcedinidae kingfishers
* Meropidae bee-eaters
* Coraciidae rollers
* Upupidae Hoopoe

* Picidae woodpeckers

Passeriformes perching birds
* Alaudidae larks
* Hirundinidae swallows and martins
* Motacillidae wagtails and pipits
* Bombycillidae waxwings
* Cinclidae dippers
* Troglodytidae wrens
* Prunellidae accentors
* Turdidae thrushes and chats
* Sylviidae Old World warblers
* Regulidae kinglets
* Muscicapidae Old World flycatchers
* Timaliidae Bearded Tit (and babblers, not in Europe)
* Aegithalidae long-tailed tits
* Paridae tits
* Sittidae nuthatches
* Tichodromadidae Wallcreeper
* Certhiidae treecreepers
* Remizidae penduline tits
* Oriolidae orioles
* Laniidae shrikes
* Corvidae crows and jays
* Sturnidae starlings
* Passeridae sparrows
* Estrildidae waxbills etc introduced
* Vireonidae vireos very rare vagrant
* Fringillidae finches
* Parulidae New World warblers very rare vagrant
* Thraupidae tanagers very rare vagrant
* Emberizidae buntings and American sparrows
* Icteridae icterids very rare vagrant

The links above lead to family accounts and hence to individual species. Taxonomy is very fluid in the age of DNA analysis, so other arrangements may be found.

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