Infobox Monarch
name =King Samsenethai
title =King of Lan Xang

caption =
reign =1373–1416
coronation =
predecessor =Fa Ngum
successor =Lan Kham Deng
heir =
consort = Princess Ngo Fa of Ayutthaya
Princess Noy Onsa of Lan Na.
issue = Princess Keo Koumari
Princess Anousa
Princess Manora
Princess Souphutta
Princess Siva Yaka
Prince Lan Kham Deng
Prince Sai
Prince Khamteam
Prince Kongkeo
Prince Leu Xay
Prince Fa Kheun
othertitles =
royal house =Lan Xang
royal anthem =
father =Fa Ngum
mother =
date of birth =
place of birth =
date of death =
place of death =
buried =|

Samsenethai (also called Un Heuan) was the second king of Lan Xang, the son of Fa Ngum, whom he succeeded.

He ruled from 1373 until 1416. The origin of the name Samsenethai is thought to be a reflection of the political and social upheaval occurring within the area at the time of his rule. Samsenethai literally means "300,000 Thai," thus reflected the result of a census conducted in his reign. It is unclear whether the census included the entire population or just men capable of bearing arms. Fact|date=February 2007

There is also discussion as to whether during this period, the terms "Thai" and "Lao" were interchangeable, whether the term "Lao" yet existed, or whether "Thai" was used in his name to refer to the fact that the census included all Tai groups. For the duration of 43 year reign, Lan Xang did not fight a single battle. Fact|date=February 2007

Samsenethai had five daughters; Princess Keo Koumari, Princess Anousa, Princess Manora, Princess Souphutta, and Princess Siva Yaka.He had three sons by Princess Ngo Fa of Ayutthaya; Prince Lan Kham Deng, Prince Sai, Prince Khamteam. His other sons, Prince Kongkeo, Prince Leu Xay, and Prince Fa Kheun 's mother was Princess Noy Onsa of Lan Na.

Wat Manorom, Wat Ubosot, and Wat Chiang Kham were built in Samsenethai's reign. He was succeeded by his son Lan Kham Deng.

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