Bombing of Palestine in World War II

Bombing of Palestine in World War II

The bombings of Palestine in World War II, which started in July 1940, were part of an Italian effort to strike at the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth of Nations wherever possible. The bombings in the British Mandate of Palestine were primarily centered on Tel Aviv and Haifa. However, many other coastal towns also suffered. On 9 September 1940, a bombing of Tel Aviv caused 137 deaths. [ [,frameless.htm?NRMODE=Published The Italian Bombing] , at the website of Tel Aviv Municipality (Hebrew)] [Maya Zamir, [ The Day of The bombing] , Tel Aviv Magazine, 7th of September 2007 (Hebrew)]

In mid-October 1940, the Italians also bombed American-operated oil refineries in the British Protectorate of Bahrain. Rome declared that their bombers had set a new distance record, covering 2,800 miles on the outgoing trip from bases in Libya or Italy. The Italians insisted that the planes had been refueled from submarine tankers. [Time Magazine, [,9171,764881,00.html Record Raid] ]


4. [ Italian Planes Bomb Tel-Aviv] ,

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