Taj al-Daula

Taj al-Daula

Taj al-Daula was the Buyid ruler of Khuzestan during the 980s. He was the son of 'Adud al-Daula.

Following 'Adud al-Daula's death in 983, his possessions were divided between his sons. Samsam al-Daula, who was the presumed successor of 'Adud al-Daula, took power, but Sharaf al-Daula took advantage of his position in Kerman to invade Fars. This invasion provided Taj al-Daula with the opportunity to set up his rule in Ahvaz.

Taj al-Daula, as well as another brother, Diya' al-Daula, who controlled Basra, eventually decided to acknowledge the authority of Fakhr al-Daula, who ruled in Jibal. This was done in an attempt to protect themselves from the conflict between Samsam al-Daula and Sharaf al-Daula. Nevertheless, after a few years Sharaf al-Daula invaded and occupied Khuzestan and Basra, causing the two princes to flee to Fakhr al-Daula's territory. There they found refuge in Ray. Neither of the two brothers managed to found any lasting line; consequently their role in Buyid politics was short.


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