Aksu Prefecture

Aksu Prefecture

Aksu Prefecture (simplified Chinese: 阿克苏地区; pinyin: Ākèsū Dìqū; _ug. ئاقسۇ ۋىلايىتى|Aqsu Wilayati|Ak̡su Vilayiti) is located in mid-western Xinjiang, China. It has an area of 132,500 km² and 2.19 million inhabitants (2003). The name Aksu is Turkic for 'white water'.


Of its 2.19 million inhabitants, 71.93% are Uyghur, 26.62% are Han, with the reminder belonging to other ethnicities.

Administrative divisions

Aksu Prefecture is divided into 1 county-level city: Aksu (阿克苏市), and 8 counties: Wensu (温宿县), Kucha (库车县), Xayar (沙雅县), Toksu (新和县), Baicheng (拜城县), Uqturpan (乌什县), Awat (阿瓦提县), Kalpin (柯枰县). The seat of the local government is in Aksu city.

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