Ubykh may refer to:

* The Ubykh language
* The Ubykh people
* Ubykhia, a historical land of Ubykhs

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  • Tevfik Esenç — (1904 ndash; October 7, 1992) was a Circassian exile in Turkey and the last known speaker of the Ubykh language.Esenç was raised by his Ubykh speaking grandparents for a time in the village of Hacı Osman in Turkey, and he served a term as the… …   Wikipedia

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  • Die Päkhy-Sprache — is the title of a treatise on the Ubykh language, written by Gyula Mészáros and published in 1934 by the University of Chicago Press. It was the first major descriptive work written of Ubykh. Since at that time the phonological complexities of… …   Wikipedia

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