José, Prince of Brazil

José, Prince of Brazil

The Infante José, Prince of Brazil KGF (pron. IPA2|ʒu'zɛ; "José Francisco Xavier de Paula Domingos António Agostinho Anastácio de Bragança"; _en. Joseph Francis Xavier of Paula Dominic Anthony Augustine Anastacius of Braganza) (August 20 1761 – September 11 1788), was Prince of Beira, Duke of Braganza, Prince of Brazil and heir apparent to the throne of Portugal as the oldest son of Queen Maria I of Portugal and her King consort Peter III of Portugal.

Joseph was born at the Palace of Ajuda near Lisbon. His grandfather created him Prince of Beira, this being the first time when the title was given to a male. He was the heir apparent of his mother Maria, the then Princess of Brazil and proclaimed heiress of the crown.

On February 21, 1777, when he was 15 years old, he married his 30-year-old aunt Benedita, Dowager Princess of Brazil. They had no children. Three days after their wedding, José's grandfather and Benedita's father the old king Joseph died, and his mother succeeded as queen regnant. Infante José became the new crown prince, being accorded the titles Prince of Brazil and 16th Duke of Braganza.

Joseph died at the age of 27 of smallpox. Upon Joseph's death, his younger brother John became heir to the throne and the new Prince of Brazil.

Joseph is buried in the national pantheon at the Monastery of São Vicente de Fora in Lisbon.

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