Barney's Colorful World

Barney's Colorful World

Barney's Colorful World also known as Barney's Colourful World LIVE! and Barney y Su Mundo de Colores (Spanish) was Barney's 5th concert, his 3rd US and Spanish tour and 2nd UK tour. The show was first performed in January 2003 and the video released in September 2004. In this stage show, Barney & his friends go around the world with the power of a lot of imagination. The show featured Dean Wendt, a new Barney voice, who does the show. It was taped at the Dodge Theater in Phoenix, Arizona.


Barney & Friends cast includes
*Barney (Voice) - Dean Wendt
*Barney (Body) - Patrick Mcalister and Rick Starkweather
*Baby Bop (Voice) - Julie Johnson
*Baby Bop (Body) - Jenifer Barlean and Matthew N. Myers
*BJ (Voice) - Patty Wirtz
*BJ (Body) - Dave Kendall and Jerad Harris
*Mike - Blake Garrett
*Donny - Alex Collins
*Sarah - Tory Green
*Gina - Alexis Acosta

Act One Songs

# Barney Is A Dinosaur (Tune: Yankee Doodle)
# If You're Happy and You Know It
# Being Together
# Mr. Knickerbocker
# The Airplane Song
# Jungle Adventure
# The Elephant Song
# If All The Raindrops
# The Wheels On The Bus
# It's C-C-C-Cold BRRRR!
# Look At Me I'm Dancing
# The Rainbow Song

Act Two Songs

# I'd Love To Sail
# The Baby Bop Hop
# Mr. Sun
# Bingo
# Castles So High
# The Duckies Do
# If I Lived Under The Sea
# Bubbles
# Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
# Just Imagine
# Colors All Around
# I Love You (Tune: This Old Man)

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