Hessischer Rundfunk

Hessischer Rundfunk

Hessischer Rundfunk (Hessian Broadcasting) (HR) is the public broadcaster for the German state (Bundesland) of Hesse. The main offices of HR are in Frankfurt am Main. HR is a member of the ARD.


The main radio and television studios for HR are located at Bertramstraße 8, Frankfurt am Main. There are additional radio and television studios in Kassel and Wiesbaden, and additional radio studios in Darmstadt, Fulda and Gießen. HR also has offices in Berlin, Eltville, Erbach, Limburg an der Lahn and Marburg. In 2000, HR opened studios on the 53rd floor of the Maintower in the city centre of Frankfurt. HR is also responsible for the ARD Studios in Madrid and Prague.



Like other regional public broadcasting networks in Germany, HR has its own "Channel Three" programming. From 1964 until 1983 it was called 'Hessisches Fernsehprogramm' ("Hessian television programme") and from 1983 until 1997 it was called 'Hessen Drei' ("Hesse Three"). In 1997 it was renamed to 'hessen fernsehen' ("hesse television"), and most recently, in October 2004 it was renamed 'hr-fernsehen' (hr-television).

HR also contributes programming to Das Erste, Phoenix, KI.KA, ARTE and 3sat



hr1 is radio targeted to "middle-aged", playing almost exclusively middle of the road and easy listening music. Until 2004 it was hr's information radio.


hr2 is hr's cultural and classical oriented radio.


hr3 is an adult-oriented popular music programme. It used to be hr's station targeted to young people during the 80s, but has aged together with its audience.


hr4 is hr's radio mostly targeted to older people. It broadcasts regional news and German pop music (aka Schlager-musik).


hr-info is 24-hour news radio. On weekends, it broadcasts special in-depth-reports on several topics.


Today, You FM is the the hr's music programme for young people. It has also become famous outside of Hessen and Germany for its Saturday night techno music transmissions.

Defunct radio programmes

* hr-klassik - classical music programme (until September 2005)
* hr-XXL - independent music programme for young people (1998-2003), then renamed to YOU FM
* hr-chronos - information programme (until 2003)
* hr-skyline - business-oriented information programme (1998-2004), then replaced by hr-info

Musical organizations

HR administers two musical organizations:
*HR-Sinfonieorchester ("HR Symphony Orchestra") Until 2005 it was known as the "Radio-Sinfonie-Orchester Frankfurt" or "Radio Symphony Orchestra Frankfurt." Founded in 1929, the Orchestra has balanced its musical output between a classical repertoire (which recently has emphasized music by Haydn under the direction of Hugh Wolff) with contemporary compositions.
*hr Big Band

Notable musicians and conductors

* Marie-Luise Neunecker
* Eliahu Inbal
* H. E. Erwin Walther
* Winfried Zillig

Notable programme hosts

* Peter Frankenfeld
* Bernhard Grzimek
* Hans-Joachim Kulenkampff


* AM transmitter Weiskirchen (not to be confused with the AM transmitter at Weißkirchen belonging to the American Forces Network)
* Transmitter for VHF, AM and TV on "Hohen Meißner"
* Transmitter for VHF and TV on Großen Feldberg
* Transmitter for VHF and TV on Rimberg
* Transmitter for VHF and TV on Sackpfeife in Biedenkopf
* Transmitter for VHF and TV on Würzberg
* Transmitter for VHF and TV in Essigberg in Habichtswald
* Transmitter for VHF and TV in Marburg
* Transmitter for VHF and TV on Hardberg

Internet streams

Hessischer Rundfunk has chosen not to stream programming from their radio networks hr1, hr2, hr4 and hr-klassik on the Internet. The reason given is "to save money." Excerpts from some hr2 current events programming can be heard on the HR website.

The networks hr3, YOU FM and, most recently, hr-info are being streamed. hr3 was using a new proprietary format, developed in conjunction with one of the divisions of the Fraunhofer Society, and required its own special software. The stream is now available in Windows Media Player format.

YOU FM also has three additional programmes which are only being streamed. These programmes are YOU FM Phunk Channel (rap,R&B), YOU FM Club Channel (electronic music) and YOU FM Rock Channel (modern rock).

"See also:" German television

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