Honorable Order of Molly Pitcher

Honorable Order of Molly Pitcher

The Honorable Order of Molly Pitcher is bestowed by the U.S. Field Artillery Association (USFAA) and the Air Defense Artillery Association (ADAA) to recognize women who have voluntarily contributed in a significant way to the improvement of the U.S. Field Artillery or Air Defense Artillery Communities.

USFAA and ADAA awards background

The USFAA and ADAA processes three awards for worthy artillery men and their supportive spouses: The Ancient Order of Saint Barbara, the Honorable Order of Saint Barbara, and the Honorable Order of Molly Pitcher (ADAA) or the Artillery Order of Molly Pitcher (USFAA). Each award has specific requirements which must be met for induction.

Nomination Process - Artillery Order of Molly Pitcher

The award authority for the Artillery Order of Molly pitcher is decentralized to the Field Artillery commanders, Lieutenant Colonel or above. Such commanders may approve the award for individuals in their communities. When there is no such Field Artillery command­er available, the Commanding General of the United States Army Field Artillery Center at Fort Sill is the approving authority for the Artillery Order of Molly pitcher. The Artillery Order of Molly Pitcher recognizes indi­vid­uals who have voluntarily contributed in a significant way to the improvement of the Field Artillery Community.

Nomination Process - Honorable Order of Molly Pitcher

The nominating and approving authority for the Order of Molly Pitcher is the first ADA Battalion or Brigade Commander in the chain of command. If no ADA Battalion or Brigade Commander exists, the senior ADA commander in the organization will forward the nomination to the ADA Association at Fort Bliss. The packet will be forwarded to the Commanding General for review and final decision.

The Order of Molly Pitcher Medallion

The "Order of Molly Pitcher Medallion" represents the award and induction of the woman honored. It is worn as the recipient deems appropriate and may hang from either a ribbon or a chain.

Who was Molly Pitcher?

See the Wikipedia article Molly Pitcher.

Mary Ludwig Hays was born in 1763 to a German dairy farmer in Pennsylvania. She began her career as a maid to Dr. William Irvine at age 13. She later retired to marry John Casper Mc Cauly, a barber. In 1775 he enlisted in the Colonial Artillery and Mary was there every step of the way. At the Battle of Monmouth she used a pitcher to carry water from a nearby spring to thirsty and dying soldiers, even to her former employer, Dr. Irvine. After her husband was wounded, she took over his cannon. These deeds earned her recognition from George Washington and her nickname, Molly Pitcher.

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