John Gilbert

John Gilbert

John Gilbert may refer to:

*John Gilbert (19th century MLB player), see Pittsburgh Pirates all-time roster
*John Gilbert (actor) (1899–1936), American actor of the silent film era
*John Gilbert, Baron Gilbert (born 1927), British Labour Party politician
*John Gilbert (bishop), Bishop of Hereford (1375 to 1389)
*John VII Gilbert (1693-1761), Archbishop of York
*John Gilbert (broadcaster), from Canada
*John Gilbert (bushranger) (1842–1865), Australian bushranger
*John Gilbert (Canadian politician) (born 1921), NDP MP from Ontario
*John Gilbert (film editor) (b. around 1960), New Zealand film editor
*John Gilbert (naturalist) (1812–1845), British naturalist and explorer
*John Gilbert (painter) (1817–1897), British artist
*John Gilbert (tennis) British tennis player of the early 20th century, see List of French Open Mixed Doubles champions
*John Davies Gilbert (1811 - 1854), English scientist
*John Gibbs Gilbert (1810–99), American comedian
*Sir John Thomas Gilbert (1829–1898), Irish archivist and historian
*John Gilbert (agent), land agent and engineer
*Johnny Gilbert, U.S. television game show presenter

ee also

*Jack Gilbert (disambiguation)
*Jonathan Gilbert, U.S. actor

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