Alejandro González Malavé

Alejandro González Malavé

Alejandro González Malavé (approx 1958-1986) was a Puerto Rican undercover agent who gained infamy with the "Cerro Maravilla" case scandal.

González Malavé, an outspoken university political leader, graduated as a policeman in 1979, the same year he went to work undercover. He infiltrated an organization of radical pro independence students and was the driver when Carlos Soto Arrivi and Arnaldo Darío Rosado were murdered during a police set up at Cerro Maravilla.

When the "Cerro Maravilla" inquest was televised all over Puerto Rico, González Malavé, one of the accused, gained wide fame all across the island. His face became a common sight on Puerto Rican newspaper covers, and he received constant air time on television, because he had to take the stand many times during the trial. Although the scandal played a role in squashing the reelection plans of Governor Carlos Romero Barcelo, the alleged conspiracy was never proven. Gonzalez Malave was tried but found not guilty of all charges. He later published a book in Paris.

In late April 1986, González Malavé was arriving at his mother's house in Bayamón, when he received three gun shots from an unknown assailant. The Macheteros, a pro-independence terrorist organization, claimed responsibility. He died instantly.

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