Abies of Denmark

Abies of Denmark

=The Firs of Denmark=

Several species of firs are found in Denmark:
*"Abies alba"
*"Abies amabilis"
*"Abies balsamea"
*"Abies borisii-regis" ("alba" x "cephalonica")
*"Abies bornmuelleriana" ("nordmanniana" ssp. "bornmuelleriana")
*"Abies cephalonica"
*"Abies concolor"
*"Abies concolor" var. "lowiana"
*"Abies equi-trojani" ("nordmanniana" ssp. "equi-trojani")
*"Abies fabri" ("delavayi" var. "fabri")
*"Abies fargesii"
*"Abies faxoniana" ("delavayi" var. "faxoniana")
*"Abies fargesii" (var. "faxoniana")
*"Abies firma"
*"Abies forrestii" ("delavayi" var. "forrestii")
*"Abies fraseri"
*"Abies grandis"
*"Abies holophylla"
*"Abies homolepis"
*"Abies koreana"
*"Abies lasiocarpa"
*"Abies lasiocarpa" var. "arizonica"
*"Abies magnifica"
*"Abies magnifica" var. "shastensis"
*"Abies mariesii"
*"Abies nebrodensis" ("alba" ssp. "nebrodensis")
*"Abies nephrolepis"
*"Abies nordmanniana"
*"Abies numidica"
*"Abies pindrow"
*"Abies pinsapo"
*"Abies pinsapo" var. "tazaotana"
*"Abies procera"
*"Abies recurvata"
*"Abies sachalinensis"
*"Abies sibirica"
*"Abies sikokiana" ("veitchii" var. "sikokiana")
*"Abies spectabilis"
*"Abies sutchuenensis" ("fargesii" var. "sutchuenensis")
*"Abies veitchii"

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