Heaven (DJ Sammy song)

Heaven (DJ Sammy song)

Infobox Single
Name = Heaven

Artist = DJ Sammy and Yanou featuring Do
from Album = Heaven "and" Do
Released = 2002
Format = CD single
Recorded = 2001
Genre = Techno, Vocal Trance
Length = 3:52
Label = Robbins/Sony BMG
Writer = Bryan Adams and Jim Vallance
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Artist = DJ Sammy singles
Type = singles
Last single = "Sunlight" (2002)
This single = "Heaven" (2002)
Next single = "The Boys of Summer" (2002)
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This single = "Heaven" (2002)
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This single = "Heaven" (2002)
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Upper caption = Alternate cover
Type = single

Lower caption = Single cover for the "Candlelight Mix" version of the song

"Heaven" is a 2002 dance cover of the 1985 Bryan Adams song by DJ Sammy and Yanou with vocals by Do. It was the second single of the album "Heaven" and reached number one on the UK Singles Chart and number eight on the US "Billboard" Hot 100. It re-entered the chart on the chart ending week of November 17, 2007.


Candlelight Mix

Because of the dance version's popularity, a stripped-down, ballad-like "Candlelight Mix" version was made, and received airplay on Adult Contemporary radio stations as well as CHR stations.

9/11 Remix

An unauthorized remix of the "Candlelight Mix" was also made by KISS FM in Bakersfield, California to commemorate the September 11 terrorist attacks. The song features a little girl talking about her father who presumably died in the attacks, with the original chorus intermittently playing. A popular Flash animation plays out this version of the song. [ [http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/191882 Newgrounds.com] ] The little girl's vocal was actually the daughter of the program director at the time. He simply read her the lines and had her repeat them for him, with a little emotional prompting. Then he edited himself out of the voice track. This was one of the most requested songs in the stations history, and had all of the local market talking. It even crossed over to Clear Channel's other stations for a wider audience.

List of Remixes

#Overhead Champion Remix
#S'n'Y Radio Edit
#S'n'Y Extended Mix
#Green Court Remix
#Candlelight Mix
#Commander Tom Remix
#Simon & Shaker Remix
#Anastacia Remix
#Martin Eyerer Remix
#Original Mix
#Flip & Fill Remix
#Radio Edit
#Extended Mix
#Friday Night Posse Remix
#Clubstar Remix
#Scott Mac Remix

Music video

The music video for the single features Yanou, DJ Sammy and Do viewed briefly from a TV. The video features two Asian girls, androgynous people and a black man. There is a second version, with extended scenes of a stationary Do singing.



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