Holiday in the Sun (film)

Holiday in the Sun (film)

"Holiday in the Sun" is an American movie produced by Time Warner and released in 2001 starring Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. It was directed by Steve Purcell.

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Madison (Mary-Kate) and Alex Stewart (Ashley) are twin sisters from Illinois who are whisked away to Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island, Bahamas by their parents for winter break. Initially, the sisters are disappointed that they didn't get to go to Hawaii with their friends, but overcome it by enjoying their newly-earned freedom in the form of their own suite, as well as the pristine beaches of the Caribbean. Alex falls for "hottie" Jordan, a worker at the resort. She's not the only one with her eye on Jordan – the spoiled heiress Brianna is also after him, and plays dirty to get her way. Madison, meanwhile, is being wooed by cute but brainless Scott, who in turn is being coached behind the scenes by Griffen, a childhood friend of Madison's with a not-so-subtle crush. The sisters' holiday of fun in the sun is interrupted when they cross paths with a man smuggling stolen artifacts. Though their parents are keeping a close eye on them, the sisters and Griffen must find a way to clear Jordan's name when their friend is wrongfully arrested for the crime. Together, they overcome everything and understand the true meaning of sisterhood.


* Mary Kate Olsen .... Madison
* Ashley Olsen .... Alex
* Megan Fox* .... Brianna
* Austin Nichols .... Griffen
* Ben Easter .... Jordan
* Ashley Hughes .... Keegan
* Markus Flanigan .... Harrison
* Jamie Rose .... Judy
* Jeff Altman .... Chad
* Wendy Schaal .... Jill
* Billy Aaron Brown .... Scott
* Ashley Kelly .... Trish
* Sterling Rice .... Carmen
* Phillip Sands .... Ziggy
* C.J. Ansell .... Good looking kid

* Ben Christen .... Boy in club
* Spencer Roberts .... Surfer
* Jason Deveaux .... Stan
* Ben J. Michaels .... Jeffrey
* Gordon Mills .... Teacher
* Chelera Bateman .... Liz
* Cesar Alava .... Champlaine
* Scott Adderly .... Security guard
* Tony Roberts .... Policeman
* Dawn Forbs .... Katherine
* Steve Purcell† .... Director
* Rob Lundsgaard† .... D.P.
* Dale Russell .... Chauffeur
* Eric Davis .... Carriage driver
* Tenby Taylor, Enith Hernandez, Chris Bruck .... Bikini models* Name billed as 'Megan Fox' in opening credits, and as 'Megan Denise Fox' in closing credits.
† Playing himself.


* Swedish pop band Play appear in the film as themselves, performing in the club.
* The closing credits are accompanied by out-takes (bloopers) from the film, along with part of Play's video for "Us Against the World".
* The scene of Madison and Alex arriving at the airfield and boarding the plane for their flight from the United States to the Bahamas was actually filmed on location in the Bahamas. The falling snow was superimposed onto the picture in post-production.
*In another movie starring Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, "New York Minute", there is a scene where they rush past a Chinese woman selling pirated DVDS. One of the DVD covers reads "Holiday in the Sun 2".
*The Weezer song Island In The Sun appears in this film.

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