Authority (disambiguation)

Authority (disambiguation)

Authority may refer to:

Types of authority

* Authority in government generally refers to the ability to make laws or rules
** democratic authority
** monarchic authority
** republican authority
* Authoritarianism describes a form of social control characterized by strict obedience to the authority of a state or organization
* Authoritarian personality describes individuals who seek to dominate those within their sphere of influence
* Authority (management) refers to the five recognized types of management authorities:
** coercive authority
** expert authority
** formal authority, also known as legitimate authority
** referent authority
** reward authority
* Church authority, the authority (assumed or perceived) that a church has to decide what is orthodox and what is heresy
* Public Authority, a public benefit corporation chartered by a state government; most public authorities operate as for-profit corporations, with the ability to issue municipal bonds
** New York State public benefit corporations
* In criticism of texts, the authority of a document means its reliability as a witness to the author's intentions.
* In scientific classification of living organisms, the Authority for a taxon is the name of the author who first published a valid description of it. Slightly different systems for specifying the authority are used in different branches of biology
**author citation (botany)
**author citation (zoology)

Other uses of the word

* Appeal to authority, a type of logical argument which is one method of obtaining propositional knowledge and is often a logical fallacy
* Authority control in library and information science (the practice of creating and maintaining headings for bibliographic material in a catalog)
* Police authority, in the United Kingdom, a body charged with securing an efficient and effective British police force for its area

In fiction

* The Authority, a Wildstorm superhero comic book series
* The Authority (RPG), a role-playing game set in superhero comic book universe of the same name, based on Guardians of Order's Silver Age Sentinels
* The Authority (His Dark Materials), a God-like character in Philip Pullman's "His Dark Materials" trilogy of novels

ee also

* High Authority

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