Walashma dynasty

Walashma dynasty

The Walashma dynasty was a Muslim noble family who ruled Ifat - parts of whatis now eastern Ethiopia, Djibouti, and western Somalia. The earliest known member of this family was Umar ibn Dunya-huz (died 1275), whose son Ali ibn Wali Ashma conquered the Muslim kingdom of Shewa.

The last member of this dynasty was Barakat ibn Umar Din, who was driven from his capital of Harar by the Ethiopian general Hamalmal in 1559.

List of rulers of the Walashma dynasty

* Haqq ad-Din I
* Sabr ad-Din I
* Jamal ad-Din I
* Ali ibn Sabr ad-Din
* Ahmad ibn Ali
* Haqq ad-Din II
* Sa'ad ad-Din II
* Sabr ad-Din II
* Mansur ad-Din
* Jamal ad-Din II
* Badlay ibn Sa'ad ad-Din
* Muhammad ibn Badlay
* Shams ad-Din ibn Muhammad
* Muhammad ibn Azhar ad-Din
* Abu Bakr ibn Muhammad
* Umar Din
* Ali ibn Umar Din
* Barakat ibn Umar Din

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