Chocoball Mukai

Chocoball Mukai
Chocoball Mukai
Born Hiroshi Mukai
December 15, 1966 (1966-12-15) (age 44)
Gunma Prefecture,
Alias(es) Chocoball Mukai
Eye color Brown
Hair color Black
Ethnicity Japanese

Hiroshi "Chocoball" Mukai (チョコボール向井 - Chokobōru Mukai) is a Japanese male pornographic actor and a former professional wrestler.


Life and career

Born in Gunma Prefecture on December 15, 1966,[1] Mukai's nickname stems from the resemblance of his dark brown scrotum to Chocoball candy.[2]

Mukai is best known in the West from Karl Taro Greenfeld's 1994 novel Speed Tribes where he appears as the thinly-veiled character "Choco Bon-Bon" who is depicted as struggling with methamphetamine addiction.[3] Mukai has since kicked that habit and in 1999 launched a successful side career as a pro wrestler.[4]

Mukai played himself in Shungo Kaji's 1999 mainstrean film about the adult video industry, Ekiben.[5][6] In 2004 he was arrested for performing a live sex show at a Tokyo "happening bar", or sex club. He admitted his guilt to police, reportedly saying "It's my job."[4]

As a wrestler, he has competed for FMW[7][8][9][10] and, following its collapse in February 2002, its derivatives. He once applied to join the New Japan Pro Wrestling dojo but was rejected. He announced his retirement from wrestling in his blog in December 2006.[11]

In 2008, in an interview for the April 10th issue of Spa! magazine, Mukai explains how having sex can develop muscles. Accompanied by photos of him and a young starlet, the article has him demonstrating several sex positions and telling how they can be used to get a free workout. His specialty is ekiben, where the couple has sex with the man standing while the woman wraps her arms around his neck. The key to muscular development, according to Mukai, is to support the woman by her thighs and use the arms to move her up and down.[12]

Championships and accomplishments

  • DDT Ironman Heavymetalweight Championship (2 times)[13]

Partial filmography

Adult Videos (AV)

Release date[15] Video title Company &
Production Code
Director Notes
1998-08-24 Introduction Unreal
恥めまして!! アンリアル
Kuki Vinl
Jiro Tsubuyaki With Rina Yokokura
2003-08-31 Chocoball Mukai Comes To Your Home
Media Station Exert
Takehiro Yasuda With Yuna Suzaki
2005-08-12 The Newhalf Times
Alpha International SheMale Club
With Nana Suzuki & Yu Aihara
2006-09-15 Newhalf Nagisa vs Chocoball Mukai Game in Earnest!! The Last Party
Alpha International SheMale Club
With Nagisa Takahashi


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