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Joinville is a city in Santa Catarina, in the Southern Region of Brazil. Joinville is Santa Catarina's largest city. In 2008 its population is about 500,000, of whom the majority are of German descent. Joinville's Metro area exceeeds 1 million inhabitants. [ [ (( Radar Sul )) História da Cidade de Joinville - Santa Catatina - SC - Brasil ] ]

Joinville is one of the Brazilian cities that stands out on business tourism, owing to the excellent infrastructure to handle the most varied kinds of meetings, conferences and reunions. The city has one of the highest standards of living in Brazil. [ [ Bela Santa Catarina Notícias: Joinville valoriza Índice de Desenvolvimento Humano (IDH) ] ]


The first inhabitants in the region of Joinville were the Tupi-Guarani people. Joinville was founded on March 9, 1851, by German and Swiss immigrants.

Even though it is considered a German-Brazilian city, its name is French (Joinville was named after François d'Orléans, prince of Joinville, son of King Louis-Philippe of France, who married Princess Francisca of Brazil, in 1843). The city's former name was "Dona Francisca", but was changed to Joinville in 1851.

The land where Joinville is located was part of the French and Brazilian Royal Family Wedding gift, even though the Prince of Joinville and his Brazilian bride have never been to the land..

Senator Schröder was a member of the "Colonizator Society of Hamburg". This society, made up of bankers, businessmen and traders, attracted immigrants to be sent to Brazil and thereby establish commercial ties between Germany and the German communities in Brazil. In 1851, the first 118 German and Swiss immigrants arrived, followed by 74 Norwegian immigrants.

From 1850 to 1888, Joinville received 17,000 German immigrants, most of them Lutherans, poor peasants attracted to occupy this part of Brazil. [ [ (( Radar Sul )) História da Cidade de Joinville - Santa Catatina - SC - Brasil ] ]

Characteristics and tourism

Joinville is famous for its strong German-influenced culture. The city retains many aspects of the German culture, in its architecture, in the local dishes, parties and in the way of life of its inhabitants, known as workaholics.

Joinville is the host city of the "Festival de Dança de Joinville" (Joinville Dance Festival) which is the world's largest dance event, held every year during the month of July [ [ 26º Festival de Dança de Joinville ] ] . Joinville is the only city outside of Moscow to have a school of the Bolshoi Ballet, the renowned Russian Ballet Company. The city is home to a Catholic bishop, several Lutheran churches (one of the largest communities in Brazil), a Botanical Garden and a Zoo, parks, and several beaches are a half an hour drive away from the city. It is also home to several museums. [ [ CELST - Comunidade Evangélica Luterana Santíssima Trindade ] ]

The Royal Palace, built in the mid-19th century, nowadays is a museum about the German immigration to Brazil. It has furnitures and costumes dating back to the mid-19th century.

International Dance Festival

One of the biggest dance events in Latin America, since 1983. It gathers about four thousand dancers, professionals and students, always on the second fortnight of July. The 11 days of presentations attract 50 thousand people to Centreventos Cau Hansen, every year. There are competitions in seven different categories, from classical ballet to folk dances. Squares, shopping centres and many companies take the opportunity to promote other events at the same time, such as courses and talks.

Industrial tourism

With a population of over 500,000 inhabitants and an economy based on large industries, Joinville has reached the status of the largest city in State of Santa Catarina. Also called the “Catarinense Manchester”, for its economic and technological leadership – the name refers to the English city that is an industrial world reference – Joinville stands out as one of the most important Brazilian cities, being on the tour schedule of visitors from all over Brazil and the World.


As a result of the German immigration to this part of Brazil, most of Joinville's inhabitants are Brazilians who trace their ancestry to immigrants from Germany, and a few to immigrants of other European countries, such as Portugal, Italy, Switzerland and Norway. A tiny minority of the population trace their ancestry to Black Africans, Native Americans and Japanese peoples.

Famous sons and daughters of Joinville

* Fritz Alt, sculptor.
* Mário Avancini, sculptor.
* Eduardo Fisher, swimming champion.
* Mauricio Gugelmin, former Formula One and ChampCar driver.
* Juarez Machado, world renowned artist.
* Ana Claudia Michels, Brazilian fashion model.
* Antônio Mir, artist.
* Vitor Miranda, Thaiboxer and martial artist.
* Márcia Narloch gold medal winner in the women's marathon at the 2003 Pan American Games.
* Fausto Rocha Junior, actor.
* Luiz Henrique Schwanke, artist.


External links

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Links to universities and private colleges in Joinville

* [ INESA - Instituto de Ensino Superior de Joinville]
* [ ACE - Assosciação Catarinense de Ensino]
* [ FCJ - Faculdade Cenecista de Joinville]
* [ Ielusc - Instituto Superior e Centro Educacional Luterano Bom Jesus]
* [ IESville - Instituto de Ensino Superior de Joinville]
* [ UDESC - Centro de Ciências Tecnologicas]
* [ UFSC]

Aerial Views of Joinville

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