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event_name = SunBurn
first_year = 2004
location_city = Lakeland
location_state = Florida
location_country = United States
event_month = Varies
recent_year = 2005
recent_month_start =
recent_month_end =
recent_day_start =
recent_day_end =
recent_participants = 150-200
website =

SunBurn is a regional event held in Florida. Although SunBurn has its roots in the annual Burning Man festival in Nevada, it is not an official Burning Man event, because the organizers of SunBurn do not condone the direction that the Burning Man Organization (BMorg) has taken over the years. The original fall weekend on which SunBurn was held has been usurped by AfterBurn, which is an event sanctioned by BMorg. The real SunBurn is now a random, privately held, invitation-only party.

Like the original Burning Man before it became political and bureaucratic, art, music, fire and other forms of creativity -- including performance art, large-scale temporary constructions and alternative engineering -- are welcome at SunBurn. Radical self-expression are the goals, and community is emphasized. There is no vending on site (not even ice) -- gifting among participants is encouraged, but cash transactions are forbidden (the proceeds from the admission fee go entirely to cover event expenses). SunBurn is a leave no trace event. All attendees are encouraged to participate in some way rather than being spectators to others' participation.

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