GRE may refer to:

* Graduate Record Examination, a standardized test created and administered by the Educational Testing Service
* Generic Routing Encapsulation, a tunneling protocol designed for encapsulation
* Gecko Runtime Engine, used by Mozilla web browsers
* Glucocorticoid response elements, a type of hormone response element DNA sequence
* Grand River Enterprises, a Canadian tobacco and bottled water company
* the IOC country code for GRE
* Glass-fibre Reinforced Epoxy, a material used for pipelines
* GRE (company) (General Research of Electronics, Inc.), a Japanese multinational radio and electronics equipment manufacturer
* Graphics Rendering Engine, a kernel-mode component of the Graphics Device Interface of Microsoft Windows operating systems
* in the geology of Venus Global Resurfacing Event, a hypothetical extreme vulcanic episode for about 800 mya.

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