Golden Calf (award)

Golden Calf (award)

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The Golden Calf ( _nl. Gouden Kalf) is the award of the Netherlands Film Festival, which is held annually in Utrecht. The award has been presented since 1981, originally in six categories: Best actor, Best actress, Best film, Best Short film, Culture Prize and Honourable mention. In 2004, there were 16 award categories, mainly because in 2003 the categories Best Camera, Best Montage, Best Music, Best Production Design, Best Sound Design were added.

Famous Dutch film makers and actors that have won a "Golden Calf" include Rutger Hauer, Louis van Gasteren, Paul Verhoeven, Eddy Terstall, Carice van Houten, Fons Rademakers, Martin Koolhoven, Alex van Warmerdam, Fedja van Huêt, Jean van de Velde, Dick Maas, Marleen Gorris, Ian Kerkhof, Jeroen Krabbé, Monic Hendrickx and Rijk de Gooyer.


The Golden Calf statuette is depicting a golden calf looking up in the sky. It was designed in 1980 by sculptor Theo Mackaay for the initiator of the Netherlands Film Festival Jos Stelling. Jos Stelling contributes the idea of making a golden calf to director Wim Verstappen, but Theo Makaay claims the original idea himself.cite web
last = Jungmann
first = Bart
title = Hé, het lijkt de Oscars wel
work = []
date = 2002-10-03
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] The statuette is a 33 centimeters high casted bronze sculpture. [cite web
title = Gouden Kalf
work = []
publisher = Netherlands Film Festival
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accessdate = 2007-01-07
] In the early years of the award the statuette had a marble base, but this version is now replaced by a less heavy version also made by Theo Mackaay to enable winners to raise the award above their heads more easily.

Name and meaning

The name refers to an animal as is common in names of European film awards, such as the Golden Bear of the Berlin Film Festival and the Golden Lion of the Venice Film Festival, and cattle is one of the most common types of livestock in the Netherlands. The name of the award also refers to the Old Testament where a golden calf was made by Aaron and later destroyed by Moses because people should not worship a golden calf. Jury member in 2002 Martin Koolhoven says the Dutch Calvinist culture is more relativizing than proud: "This is why the Golden Calf is such a good prize, because of the wink that is included. Real foreign countries have golden lions and golden bears. We have a golden calf and after all it is sinfull to worship it."

In 1995 Rijk de Gooyer threw his Golden Calf statuette on the street in the reality TV series "Taxi" (the Dutch version of "Taxicab Confessions"), when he was picked up by a taxi after a dissatisfying closing ceremony at the Netherlands Film Festival..In 1999 he let Maarten Spanjer, the host of "Taxi", throw his Golden Calf for "Krassen in het Tafelblad" out of the window.

Award Categories

Film Awards

* Culture Prize
* Best long feature film
* Best Director
* Best Script
* Best Actor
* Best Actress
* Best Short film
* Best long documentary
* Best Short Documentary
* Best Camera
* Best Montage
* Best Music
* Best Production Design
* Best Sound Design

TV awards

* Best Actor in a Television Drama
* Best Actress in a Television Drama
* Best Acting in a Television Drama
* Best Television Drama

pecial awards

* Special Jury Prize
* Public Prize
* Development Prize

* Awards only awarded once or twice are:
** Best Film of the Century (1999) - Paul Verhoeven & Rob Houwer for "Turks Fruit"
** Control Award (1994, 1992) - Cor Koppies (1994), J.Th. van Taalingen (1992)
** Best Commercial (1990, 1991) - Todd Masters for "Woonruimte gevraagd" (1991), Trevor Wrenn voor "Hamka's" (1990)
** Best European Film (1994, 1995) - Kazimierz Kutz for "Turned Back" (1995), Jonathan Cavendisch & Tim Palmer for "Into the West" (1994)

Retired awards

* Occupation Award
* Best Supporting Actor
* Best Supporting Actress
* Honourable mention



*Best long feature film: "Karakter"
*Best director: Rudolf van den Berg ("For my Baby")
*Best actor: Jaap van Donselaar ("De Tranen van Castro")
*Best actress: All-female ensemble from the movie "Broos"


*Best long feature film: "Felice...Felice..."
*Best director: Karim Traïdia ("De Poolse Bruid")
*Best actor: Johan Leysen ("Felice...Felice...")
*Best actress: Monic Hendrickx ("De Poolse Bruid")


*Best long feature film: "Abeltje"
*Best director: Roel Reiné ("The Delivery")
*Best actor: Rijk de Gooyer ("")
*Best actress: Nadja Hüpscher ("De Boekverfilming")


*Best long feature film: "Lek"
*Best director: Jean van de Velde ("Lek")
*Best actor: Victor Löw ("Lek")
*Best actress: Willeke van Ammelrooy ("Lijmen/Het Been")


*Best long feature film: "Nynke"
*Best director: Martin Koolhoven ("De Grot")
*Best actor: Fedja van Huêt ("AmnesiA")
*Best actress: Monic Hendrickx ("Nynke")


*Best long feature film: "Minoes"
*Best director: Alejandro Agresti ("Valentín")
*Best actor: Jacob Derwig ("Zus & Zo")
*Best actress: Carice van Houten ("Minoes")


*Best long feature film: "De Tweeling"
*Best director: Pieter Kuijpers ("Van God Los")
*Best actor: Tygo Gernandt ("Van God Los")
*Best actress: Kim van Kooten ("Phileine zegt sorry")


*Best long feature film: "Simon"
*Best director: Eddy Terstall ("Simon")
*Best actor: Cees Geel ("Simon")
*Best actress: Monic Hendrickx ("Het Zuiden")


*Best long feature film: "Paradise Now"
*Best director: Nanouk Leopold ("Guernsey")
*Best actor: Thijs Römer ("06/05")
*Best actress: Maria Kraakman ("Guernsey")


*Best long feature film: "Zwartboek"
*Best director: Paul Verhoeven ("Zwartboek")
*Best actor: Frank Lammers ("Nachtrit")
*Best actress: Carice van Houten ("Zwartboek")


*Best long feature film: "Kruistocht in Spijkerbroek"
*Best director: Mijke de Jong ("Tussenstand")
*Best actor: Marcel Hensema ("Wild Romance")
*Best actress: Elsie de Brauw ("Tussenstand")


*Best long feature film: "Alles is Liefde"
*Best director: Joram Lürsen ("Alles is Liefde")
*Best actor: Robert de Hoog ("Skin")
*Best actress: Anneke Blok ("Tiramisu")


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