name = "Strobilomyces"

image_width = 240px
image_caption = "Strobilomyces strobilaceus"
regnum = Fungi
divisio = Basidiomycota
classis = Agaricomycetes
ordo = Boletales
familia = Strobilomycetaceae
genus = "Strobilomyces"
genus_authority = Berk. (1851)
subdivision_ranks = Species
subdivision = See text
type_species = "Strobilomyces strobilaceus"
name = Strobilomyces sp.
whichGills = adnate
capShape = convex

"Strobilomyces" is a genus of boletes (mushrooms having a spongy mass of pores under the cap). It can be distinguished by the following characteristics:
*the cap and stipe are covered in soft hairy or woolly scales,
*while most boletes have smooth elongated spores, those of "Strobilomyces" are roughly spherical and prominently ornamented, and
*as might be expected from its "dry" fibrous appearance, it is resistant to decay (whereas most mushrooms in the Boletaceae are soft and decompose notoriously rapidly).

The genus name comes from the Ancient Greek word "Strobilos" (στρόβιλος), meaning "pine cone", a reference to the appearance of "S. strobilaceus". The ending "-myces" is a standard suffix meaning "mushroom" (Ancient Greek: μύкης). In some classification systems it is assigned to a separate family Strobilomycetaceae [ [ McNabb R.F.R. (1967) The Strobilomycataceae of New Zealand] gives a history of the family.] , but in others it is merged into the larger family Boletaceae [See entry in the [ Integrated Taxonomic Information System] . ] [See entry in [ Index Fungorum] . ] . A DNA analysis by Høiland K. (1987) [Høiland, K. (1987) A new approach to the phylogeny of the order Boletales (Basidiomycotina). - Nord. J. Bot. 7: 705-718. See [ this web page] for more details. ] indicates that "Strobilomyces" is only distantly related to more familiar boletes such as "Suillus" - in fact it seems to be more closely related to the Earth Balls ("Scleroderma")!

The only well-known European species is the type species "S. strobilaceus" (also named "S. floccopus"). It is found in a widespread geographical area but it is uncommon and its sombre coloration and its habitat in dark woods make it elusive. In English it is sometimes called the Old Man of the Woods.

Many more species have come to light from warmer countries. The mycologist E. J. H. Corner described several new species from Malaysia including "S. mirandus" [*cite book | author = Corner EJH | year = 1972 | title = Boletus in Malaysia | publisher = Government Printing Office/Botanic Gardens, Singapore ] .

List of species

*"Strobilomyces alpinus" - (Yunnan province, Mainland China)
*"Strobilomyces ananaeceps"
*"Strobilomyces annamiticus"
*"Strobilomyces annulatus" - (Malaysia)
*"Strobilomyces areolatus"
*"Strobilomyces atrosquamosus"
*"Strobilomyces benoisii"
*"Strobilomyces camphoratus"
*"Strobilomyces coccineus"
*"Strobilomyces confusus" - (East Asia, North America) Chen Chien-Ming 1994 [ Novel and new records published by T.E.S.R.I] (Taiwan Endemic Species Research Institute)]
*"Strobilomyces coturnix" - (Madagascar)
*"Strobilomyces dryophilus" - (United States)
*"Strobilomyces echinatus"
*"Strobilomyces excavatus"
*"Strobilomyces fasciculatus"
*"Strobilomyces foveatus" - (Malaysia)
*"Strobilomyces fusisporus"
*"Strobilomyces giganteus" - (Sichuan province, Mainland China)
*"Strobilomyces gilbertianus" - (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
*"Strobilomyces glabellus" - (Yunnan province, Mainland China)
*"Strobilomyces glabriceps"
*"Strobilomyces hydriensis"
*"Strobilomyces immutabilis" - (Madagascar)
*"Strobilomyces indica"
*"Strobilomyces kalimpongensis"
*"Strobilomyces latirimosus" - (Guangxi province, Mainland China)
*"Strobilomyces ligulatus"
*"Strobilomyces mirandus" - (Malaysia)
*"Strobilomyces mollis" - (Malaysia)
*"Strobilomyces montosus"
*"Strobilomyces nigricans" - (East Asia, North America) Chen Chien-Ming 1994 [ Novel and new records published by T.E.S.R.I] (Taiwan Endemic Species Research Institute)]
*"Strobilomyces pallescens"
*"Strobilomyces paradoxus"
*"Strobilomyces parvirimosus" - (Yunnan province, Mainland China)
*"Strobilomyces pauper" - (Brazil)
*"Strobilomyces polypyramis" - (Malaysia)
*"Strobilomyces porphyrius"
*"Strobilomyces retisporus"
*"Strobilomyces rufescens"
*"Strobilomyces sanmingensis"
*"Strobilomyces seminudus" - (Ōtsu, Japan)
*"Strobilomyces strobilaceus" = "S. floccopus" - (North America, Europe)
*"Strobilomyces subnigricans" - (Hubei province, Mainland China)
*"Strobilomyces subnudus" - (Jiangsu province, Mainland China)
*"Strobilomyces velutinus" - (Yunnan province, Mainland China)
*"Strobilomyces velutipes" - (Malaysia)


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