Science Court

Science Court

"Science Court" was an edutainment Squigglevision cartoon series that aired on ABC's One Saturday Morning in 1997. The program was based on a series of educational CD-ROMs made by the program's producers, Tom Snyder Productions (the entertainment unit of the company is currently Soup2Nuts). In a typical episode, a lawsuit or criminal action would take place based around some scientific point. Individual episodes tended to end in musical sequences explaining the science.

The show was largely a comedy show in the vein of "Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist" or "Home Movies", albeit more aimed at young viewers than either one. It included H. Jon Benjamin as a professor (Professor Parsons) who served as an expert witness and a judge, voiced by Paula Poundstone. The main characters, however, were the trial lawyers and the humor was to come largely from their being polar opposites. Alison Krempel's character, voiced by Paula Plum, is intelligent and kind. She always wins the case in the episodes and leads to the explanations of scientific points. Doug Savage, voiced by Bill Braudis, is generally stupid and arrogant. At the end of episodes, however, he would learn something from his opponent.

The show was not successful and only lasted a year. However, reruns of the show continued for a year after that, taking the name "Squigglevision" and adding segments such as "See Ya Later, Estimator" starring Professor Parsons.

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