Principality of Serbia

Principality of Serbia

Infobox Former Country
native_name = Кнежевина Србија
"Kneževina Srbija"
conventional_long_name = Principality of Serbia
common_name = Србија ("Srbija")|
continent = Europe
region = Balkans
country = Serbia
era =
status =
empire =
government_type = Principality|

year_start = 1817 (1804-1817 War of liberation)
year_end = 1882|
event_start = Recognized by "Porte"
date_start = 1817smallsup|2
event_end = Raised to Kingdom
date_end = |
event1 = Statehood Day
date_event1 = February 15, 1835smallsup|3|
event2 = Internationally recognized
date_event2 = July 13, 1878smallsup|4
event3 =
date_event3 =
event4 =
date_event4 = |
event_pre =
date_pre =
event_post =
date_post = |

p1 = Serbian Despotate
flag_p1 = NemanjicCrnojevic.svg
image_p1 =
p2 = Ottoman Empire
flag_p2 = Ottoman_flag.svg
image_p2 =
s1 = Kingdom of Serbia
flag_s1 = Flag of Serbia (1882-1918).svg
image_s1 =

flag_type = Flag|

symbol = Coat of arms of Serbia
symbol_type = Coat of arms|

image_map_caption = Principality of Serbia after Berlin Congress in 1878|
capital = Kragujevacsmallsup|1
latd= |latm= |latNS= |longd= |longm= |longEW= |
national_motto =
national_anthem =
common_languages =
religion =
currency = |

leader = Knez ("Prince")
title_leader =
deputy1 =
deputy2 =
deputy3 =
deputy4 =
year_deputy1 =
year_deputy2 =
year_deputy3 =
year_deputy4 =
deputy =
title_deputy =

stat_year1 =
stat_area1 =
stat_pop1 =
stat_year2 =
stat_area2 =
stat_pop2 =
stat_year3 =
stat_area3 =
stat_pop3 =
stat_year4 =
stat_area4 =
stat_pop4 =
stat_year5 =
stat_area5 =
stat_pop5 =
footnotes =
1 Moved to Belgrade in 1838
2 "De jure" in the 1830 Hatt-i Sharif.
3 Outbreak of Serbian revolution/ First Constitution adopted
4 "De facto" independent since 1867, "de jure" by the Treaty of Berlin

The Serbian Principality (Serbian: Кнежевина Србија, "Kneževina Srbija") was a state in the Balkans that came into existence as a result of the Serbian revolution which lasted between 1804 and 1817. Its creation was negotiated first through an "unwritten" agreement between the leader of the Second Serbian Uprising Miloš Obrenović and Ottoman official Marashli Pasha (1817), which formally ended the Serbian revolution. It was followed by the series of legal documents published by the Porte in 1828, 1829 and finally, 1830- the Hatt-i Sharif.


Despite serious and extremely brutal oppression and revenge by the Ottoman authorities (that was especially evident between the revolutions), first Karađorđe and then Miloš Obrenović, the revolutionary leaders, have succeeded in their goal to liberate Serbia after centuries of Turkish rule. Turkish authorities have acknowledged this state in 1830 by the charter known as the Hatisherif, and Miloš became a hereditary prince of the Serbian Principality.

At first, the principality included only territory of former Pashaluk of Belgrade, but was in 1831-1833 expanded to east, south and west. In 1867 the Ottoman army was expelled from the Principality, "de facto" securing its independence. [] Serbia was further expanded to south-east in 1878, when it won full international recognition at the Treaty of Berlin. The Principality would last until 1882 when it was raised to the level of Kingdom of Serbia.


The Principality was reigned by the Obrenović dynasty, except for a period when it was reigned by Prince Aleksandar of the Karađorđević dynasty. Princes Miloš and Mihailo Obrenović each had reigned twice.

List of princes of the principality:
*Miloš Obrenović (1815-1839) first reign
*Milan Obrenović (1839) reigned for only 26 days and died
*Mihailo Obrenović (1839-1842) first reign
*Aleksandar Karađorđević (1842-1858)
*Miloš Obrenović (1858-1860) second reign
*Mihailo Obrenović (1860-1868) second reign
*Milan Obrenović (1868-1882)

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