Ormeau Baths Gallery

Ormeau Baths Gallery

Coordinates: 54°35′35″N 5°55′44″W / 54.593°N 5.929°W / 54.593; -5.929 The Ormeau Baths Gallery (OBG) in Belfast, Northern Ireland, is one of Ireland's premier contemporary art spaces. It curated exhibitions by prominent international artists including; Yoko Ono, Gilbert & George, Victor Sloan, Bill Viola, Hans Peter Kuhn, Stan Douglas, David Byrne, Willie Doherty and Alastair MacLennan.

There are four main galleries with a total exhibition space of 10,000 square feet (1,000 m2). It is located on the site of a Victorian Bath House. In 1995, its conversion to an art galley once again restored the venue to the public realm. Hugh Mulholland, previously the founder and Director of Context Gallery in Derry, was the Director of the Ormeau Baths Gallery from 1997 until the gallery's closure. The gallery programme included a mix of solo and group shows; national and international in all art disciplines.


Gallery closure

The gallery used to receive its major funding from the Arts Council of Northern Ireland and Belfast City Council, but in a surprise move, the Arts Council suddenly announced [1] at the end of February 2006 that it was not going to renew its funding, and that the gallery would close [2] and all its staff be made redundant four days later.

A silent protest vigil of Irish artist and gallery supporters was held outside the locked gallery at 1pm on 1 March 2006. Over 100 people braved the snow showers to protest at the sudden closure.

The Arts Council responded [3] to a number of questions posed by gallery staff, but failed to substantiate allegations they had made prior to the closure.

A public meeting was held on Saturday 4 March 2006 at 2pm at Belfast Exposed photo gallery to allow interested parties to get more information on the circumstances relating to the closure.

Gallery reopening

The Arts Council of Northern Ireland reopened the gallery to the public on 9 June 2006, showing the Collectors' Collections of international art held in private and public collections across the island of Ireland.

New Board

The gallery was relaunched in April 2007 under the leadership of a new independent board, led by Professor Kerstin Mey of the University of Ulster.

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