Trivium (band)

Trivium (band)

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Name = Trivium

Img_capt = From left to right: Matt Heafy, Travis Smith, Paolo Gregoletto, Corey Beaulieu.
Img_size = 250
Landscape = yes
Background = group_or_band
Origin = Orlando, Florida
Genre = Metalcore, thrash metal
Years_active = 2000–present
Label = Lifeforce, Roadrunner
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URL = []
Current_members = Matt Heafy
Corey Beaulieu
Paolo Gregoletto
Travis Smith
Past_members = Brent Young
Brad Lewter

Trivium is a metalcore band with thrash metal influences from Orlando, Florida that formed in 2000.cite web | url = | title = Lamb of God: "Sacrament" | accessdate = 2008-04-04 | first = Cosmo | last = Lee | publisher = "Stylus"] The band comprises vocalist and guitarist Matt Heafy, guitarist Corey Beaulieu, bassist Paolo Gregoletto, and drummer Travis Smith.

Since its inception, Trivium has released four studio albums, nine singles. Signed to Roadrunner Records, the band has attended major music festivals, including Ozzfest and the Download Festival.


Formation and "Ember to Inferno" (2001-2004)

At his High School talent show at Lake Brantley High School, guitarist Matt Heafy performed cover versions of Metallica's "No Leaf Clover" and "Self Esteem" by The Offspring.Fact|date=May 2008 Vocalist Brad Lewter noticed Heafy and asked him to try out for his band. The pair went over to drummer Travis Smith's house where they played Metallica's "For Whom the Bell Tolls". Impressed with Heafy's performance, they accepted him into the band known as Trivium. After several shows at bars, Lewter quit the band and Heafy took over his position as the new vocalist for the band.cite web
title = Official biography
url =
publisher= Trivium
accessdate = 2007-03-25
] In early 2001, Trivium went into the recording studio to record its first high-quality demo disc. [cite web
title = Trivium biography
publisher = MTV
url =
accessdate = 2007-03-25
] A copy of the demo was heard by German label Lifeforce, who signed Trivium. The band entered a studio to record its debut album, "Ember to Inferno".

As time went on, Corey Beaulieu became the second lead guitarist. In 2004, Paolo Gregoletto joined as the band's bassist to replace Brent Young, before a tour with Machine Head.cite web
title= Road Rage 2004 review
last= Lumpkin
first= Sharitta
year= 2004
publisher= FourteenG
] "Ember to Inferno" was a small success and managed to garner the interest of Roadrunner Records representatives, who signed Trivium. The members began writing songs for their major label album debut.

"Ascendancy" (2004-2006)

In 2004, Trivium recorded its second album, "Ascendancy", in Audiohammer Studios and Morrisound Recording in Florida. [Cite album-notes| bandname=Trivium |year=2005 |title=Ascendancy |publisher=Roadrunner Records] Produced by Heafy and Jason Suecof, the album was released in March 2005. The album debuted at number 151 on the "Billboard" 200 and at number four on the "Top Heatseekers" chart.cite web| title=Album chart history |publisher=Billboard charts |url= |accessdate=2008-03-16] Allmusic reviewer Johnny Loftus stated on "Ascendancy", Trivium are a "ridiculously tight quartet, unleashing thrilling dual guitar passages and pummeling kick drum gallops as surely as they do melodic breaks and vicious throat screeds" [cite web| author=Loftus, Johnny |url= |title="Ascendancy" overview |publisher=Allmusic |accessdate=2008-03-29] and Rod Smith of "Decibel" magazine praised "Smith’s impeccably articulated beats, bassist Paolo Gregoletto’s contained thunder, and, especially, Heafy and guitarist Corey Beaulieu’s liquid twin leads." [cite web| author=Smith, Rod |url= |title=Trivium, they are the youth gone wild |publisher"Decibel" magazine |accessdate=2008-03-26]

Singles and music videos were released for "Like Light to the Flies", "Pull Harder on the Strings of Your Martyr", "A Gunshot to the Head of Trepidation", and "Dying in Your Arms". The videos for these songs gained rotation on MTV2's Headbangers Ball.cite web| url= |title=Roadrunner Records artists – Trivium | |accessdate=2008-03-19] In support of the album, Trivium played on numerous tours with well known artists. The band opened for Machine Head, who were one of Heafy's largest influences, among other influences, Killswitch Engage, Iced Earth, and Fear Factory. [cite journal| author=J. Bennett |year=2007 |month=December |title=Rebel Meets Rebel – Robb Flynn and Matt Heafy |journal=Revolver Magazine] Trivium played at Road Rage 2005, [cite web
title = Interview with Road Rage 2005 US bands
publisher = Metal Underground
date= 12 April 2005
url =
accessdate = 2007-06-24
] Ozzfest, [cite web| url= |title=Ozzfest alumini | |accessdate=2008-01-05] and made an appearance at the Download Festival. [cite web| url= |title=Trivium Frontman Is Looking Forward To Touring With Korn | |date=2007-03-30 |accessdate=2008-03-19] "Ascendancy" was re-released in 2006 with four bonus tracks and a DVD containing all of the band's music videos and live footage. [cite web| url= |title=Trivium: "Ascendancy" – Special Edition CD/DVD Package Details Revealed | |accessdate=2008-03-29]

"The Crusade" (2006-2007)

In April 2006, after a headlining tour with Mendeed and God Forbid as openers, Trivium entered the studio with Suecof and Heafy producing again. [cite web
title = Trivium To Record New Album In April/May
publisher =
url =
accessdate = 2008-03-19
] The band played the Download Festival again, this time on the main stage with Korn and Metallica. Trivium released "The Crusade" in October 2006. Debuting at number 25 on the "Billboard" 200, the album sold over 32,000 copies in its first week of sales. [cite web
title = Trivium's "The Crusade" Debuts On "Billboard" At #25
publisher = Metal Underground
url =
accessdate = 2008-03-19
] The album was a critical success, with Andy Greene of "Rolling Stone" claiming "Nothing mars a good metal record like so-called harsh vocals" [cite web| author=Greene, Andy |date=2006-09-29 |url= |title=Trivium "The Crusade" |publisher="Rolling Stone" |accessdate=2008-03-19] and Don Kaye of stating "The Crusade" "is one of the best metal releases of 2006 and quite possibly the heavy music album of the year." [cite web| author=Kaye, Don |url= |title=CD reviews – "The Crusade" | |accessdate=2008-03-29] On "The Crusade", Heafy's vocals changed from a metalcore scream that was heard on "Ascendancy", to more singing on this album. This new singing style, along with the band's thrash metal music were criticised of sounding too much like Metallica, who was a major influence on the band. [cite web| author=Parks, Andrew |url= |title=Trivium |publisher="Decibel" magazine |accessdate=2008-03-26] Heafy commented on the change:

Quote|If anyone is wondering why the screaming is gone it's because the four of us were never into bands that scream and we don't like any of the current bands that scream, so we asked ourselves why we're doing it. This time around I wanted to be a better singer because that's what we wanted to hear, so we dropped the screaming and did a lot of vocal training and vocal work.|Matt Heafy [cite web
title= Matthew Heafy: "Our Crusade Is To Make Trivium Something Enormous In The World"
accessdate= 2008-03-19

The band supported the album by touring with Iron Maiden, Metallica, a stage on the Black Crusade tour with Machine Head, Arch Enemy, DragonForce and Shadows Fall, a European headlining tour with Annihilator and Sanctity supporting and an opening slot on the Family Values Tour with Korn. [cite web| url= |title=Trivium issues post-European tour update | |date=2007-07-20 |accessdate=2008-03-19] [cite web| url= |title=Metallica To Record 14 New Songs Starting Next Week; 2008 Release Expected | |date=2007-03-15 |accessdate=2008-03-19] [cite web| title=Family Values 2007: Korn, Evanescence, Atreyu, Flyleaf, Hellyeah, Trivium Confirmed | |date=2007-03-26 |url= |accessdate=2008-03-19 ] Trivium was named the best live band of 2006 at the "Metal Hammer" Golden God Awards [cite web
title = Golden God Award Winners
publisher = "Metal Hammer"
url =
date = 2006-06-13
accessdate = 2008-03-19

"Shogun" (2007-Present)

Trivium started working on a new album with producer Nick Raskulinecz in October 2007. [cite web
title = Metal Injection gets exclusive details on upcoming Trivium album
publisher = Metal Injection
url =
date = 2008-01-30
accessdate = 2008-03-19
] Heafy stated he will bring back the screaming that was found on "Ascendancy". The band stated they did not choose to work with Suecof again because they already recorded three albums with him and they wanted to explore new ideas. [cite journal
author=Wiederhorn, Jon
title=Brutal 2008 Preview – Trivium
journal=Revolver Magazine
] Currently it has been noted that the album is now in a stage of post production, as recording has ended as of June 2008. [cite web
title = Trivium End Recording and begin post-production
publisher = Triviumworld
url =
date = 2008-06-20
accessdate = 2008-06-20

In an interview with the UK's 'Metal Hammer' magazine in May 2008, Trivium stated that their new album will have Quote|More thrash influences, more screaming and more raptors. Possibly more screaming because of the raptors.| Matt Heafy [cite journal| month=May |year=2008 |author=Head, Richard |title=Trivium Discuss Upcoming Album |journal=Metal Hammer]

"For the first time, we can't look at our songs and say who the riffs sound like," guitarist/vocalist Matt Heafy told Revolver magazine about the group's new material. "We're really making our own stuff and our own kind of music and art form, and that's exciting."

In June 2008, Trivium stated that they had named their new album "Shogun". This was confirmed by a YouTube video which included the words "September 30, 2008". This implies that the album will be released on this date.

Shogun was released on the 29th September in the UK, It entered the UK album charts at 17.

Trivium is now on tour with All That Remains, 36 Crazyfists, and The Human Abstract. They will also be touring as part of Slayers Unholy Alliance tour with Slayer, Mastodon and Amon Amarth. This will commence on the 27th of October touring throughout the UK and Europe. Followed by a mini tour which includes 6 shows in Russia and Ireland.

Band members

Current members

* Matt Heafy - vocals, guitar (2000–present)
* Corey Beaulieu – guitar, backing vocals (2003–present)
* Paolo Gregolettobass, backing vocals (2004–present)
* Travis Smithdrums, percussion (2000–present)

Former members

* Brad Lewter – vocals (2000)
* Jarred Bonaparte – bass, backing vocals (2000–2001)
* Brent Young – bass, backing vocals (2001–2004)


* "Ember to Inferno" (2003)
* "Ascendancy" (2005)
* "The Crusade" (2006)
* "Shogun" (2008)


External links

* [ Official website]

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