Rogerius, Romania

Rogerius, Romania

Rogerius is a district or quarter ("cartier" in Romanian) of Oradea, the largest city of Bihor County, Romania. It was named after Rogerius of Apulia, a bishop from the 13th century.

Despite Oradea not being very large, Rogerius is usually regarded as a 'satellite-city' in its own right, due in part to its location at the western end of the city proper, near the border town of Borş, on the Hungarian border. Also, it is city's largest and most populated district other than the city centre, being home to many Communist-era housing estates, as well as a large market. Rogerius is accessible by tram from the city centre and other parts of Oradea, as well as by bus.

It is also the first sign of Oradea visitors will see when coming from Western Europe or Hungary via Borş and European road E60.

The western area of Rogerius contains a series of factories from Communist times, one of the most prominent being Sinteza.

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