Transport in Niue

Transport in Niue

Transport in Niue consists of a road network and an airport. A ring road around the island's coast is the major route, but roads also exist across the central plateau, linking Alofi to villages(Lakepa, Liku and Hakupu) on the opposite coast. All the villages in Niue are connected by roads, there are also utility roads to the inland and some coastal areas, unsealed, used mainly for accessing taro plantation, coconut areas and walking access to the sea. Niue International Airport is located in the east of the island, south of Alofi — it is the only airfield on the island. The airport was extended in 1995 to allow Boeing 737 aircraft to take off with maximum weight. The Boeing 737-300 and 800 series and Boeing 757 have landed and take off from Niue's airport. At the moment Air New Zealand is the only airline serving Niue with a weekly flight from Auckland. Niue has a sea port, the Sir Robert's Wharf in Alofi, only smaller vessels with a flat bottom can tie up beside the wharf, the cargo ship MV Tiare from Reef Shipping use to tie up and offload the cargo when the sea is calm. If the sea is rough, cargo vessels and fishing boats will be tied up to the moorings about 100 metres from the reef, and barges will be used for offloading the cargo. Most Niuean households own a vehicle, which minimises the need for public transport. There are four car-rental companies that can hire out vehicles to visitors. They also hire out bicycles, motorbikes and minibuses.


Railways:0 km

"total:"234 km
"tarsealed:"210 km
"unsealed:"24 km

Ports and harbors:none; offshore anchorage only

Merchant marine:none (1999 est.)

Airports:1 (Niue International Airport)

Airports - with paved runways:
"1,524 to 2,437 m:"1 (1999 est.)

:"See also :" Niue

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