John Bedini

John Bedini

John Bedini of the Bedini Electronics company is an electrical engineer noted for the invention of the Bedini Audio Spectral Enhancer, an audio signal processor that was used to enhance stereophonic effects in various commercial recordings in the early and mid-1990s. He has filed patents for a number of audio technologies. [US patent reference|number=5748745|y=1998|m=05|d=05|inventor=Bedini, John C.|title=Analog vector processor and method for producing a binaural signal] [US patent reference|number=5487057|y=1996|m=01|d=23|inventor=Bedini, John C.|title=Apparatus and method for reducing electronic relaxation noise present information recording medium] [US patent reference|number=5464442|y=1987|m=02|d=17|inventor=Bedini, John C.|title=Anti-copy system] [US patent reference|number=5455785|y=1985|m=11|d=26|inventor=Bedini, John C.|title=Monaural to binaural audio processor] Additionally, on his personal Web site, Bedini has self-published a number of articles related to experimental methods for generating and transmitting electrical energy.

Bedini is one of many engineers [cite web|url=|last=Krieg|first=Eric|accessdate=2008-06-26|title=Eric's history of Perpetual Motion and Free Energy Machines Krieg is a software engineer with a [ self-professed] "web hobby of exposing free energy con men."] who claim to have designed or co-designed [Bedini supports and based some of his claims on that of Tom Bearden, according to cite web|url=|title=20 Bedini-Bearden Years - Free Energy Generation|accessdate=2008-06-26. This site promotes, among other things, Bearden's book of the same name.] machines that do not adhere to the first or second laws of thermodynamics, which relate to conservation of energy. Such inventions are generally considered perpetual motion machines and in principle impossible. Bedini has registered several patents for such a device. [US patent reference|number=7109671|y=2006|m=09|d=19|inventor=Bedini, John C.|title=Device and method of a back EMF permanent electromagnetic motor generator] [US patent reference|number=6677730|y=2004|m=01|d=13|inventor=Bedini, John C.|title=Device and method for pulse charging a battery and for driving other devices with a pulse] [US patent reference|number=6545444|y=2003|m=04|d=08|inventor=Bedini, John C.|title=Device and method for utilizing a monopole motor to create back EMF to charge batteries] [US patent reference|number=7109671|y=2002|m=05|d=21|inventor=Bedini, John C.|title=Device and method of a back EMF permanent electromagnetic motor generator]

Bedini's electronics company markets a compact disc "clarifier" which is purported to improve the audio and video of CDs and DVDs by spinning the discs whilst bathing them with "electromagnetic beams" prior to being played. These claims have been controversial amongst audiophiles and were criticised by popular skeptic James Randi. [cite web|url=|title=Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity: The Bedini Clarifier…A Product from a Dubious Company] [cite web|url=|title=Commentary: A Murky Clarification|date=2004-08-27|accessdate=2008-06-26]

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