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name = Dolza
series = Robotech

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first = Episode 7 - "Bye-bye Mars"
last = Episode 27 - "Force of Arms"
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voiced by = Mike Reynolds
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age = Unknown
gender = Male
species = Zentraedi
born = unknown
death = 2011
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occupation = Zentraedi Leader
title = Supreme Commander
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"This article is about the character from Robotech. See Boddole Zer for the original inspiration for this character in The Super Dimension Fortress Macross."

In the fictional "Robotech" universe, Dolza is the Supreme Commander of all Zentraedi forces. Dolza was voiced by Michael Reynolds. [ [] ]


Dolza is the second oldest Zentraedi (only Exedore is older) and is the largest of his race, standing 17.5 metres (57.4 feet) tall, although in the Jack McKinney Robotech novels, Dolza is described as being over 24.4 metres (80 feet) tall). Dolza ordered his subordinate Breetai to track down and recover the SDF-1 Macross which had been stolen by the disciples of Zor, thus starting the First Robotech War. Following the capture of Rick Hunter, Ben Dixon, and Lisa Hayes, Dolza is present at their interrogation, during which he demonstrates the power of the Zentraedi by having his fleet blast the surface of a planet to ashes and warns that he can do the same thing to Earth if he chooses to. Lisa Hayes, suspicious as to why Dolza doesn't just order his fleet to attack Earth, yells that Dolza doesn't have the power to destroy Earth and the the SDF-1 is far superior to his "bucket of bolts." Dolza, infuriated by this slams his hand on the table hard enough to cause the captives to lose their balance. He then extends his hand and graps Lisa, closing his hand around her body and lifting her up in front of his front of his face. He then orders her to tell him how they became micronians (human-size) but Lisa refuses to respond. Dolza then tightens his grip on Lisa until she screams in pain. Rick, fearing that Dolza will crush Lisa, yells at him to stop squeezing her and explains that humans are born from their mothers at their current size and that this occurs after a man and woman fall in love. Breetai, who is also present asks how humans express love and Rick responds that it is done by kissing one another. Dolza demands to see a demonstration of kissing and suggests that Rick and Ben kiss one another. Rick refuses and Dolza threatens to crush all of them, but Lisa states she will be the one to demonstrate by kissing Rick. After Dolza returns her to the table, Lisa orders Rick to kiss her, an action which shocks Dolza and the other Zentraedi present. This kiss, ironically, is the start of Rick and Lisa's long and difficult romance and the beginning of the love triangle between Rick, Lisa and Lynn Minmay.

Following the escape of Rick, Lisa and Ben, Dolza again orders Breetai to seize the SDF-1 through force, but eventually Breetai, Exedore and the entire Zentraedi force under their command, not only fail to recapture the SDF-1 but subsequently change sides due to "cultural contamination" by the humans' emotions, against which the Zentraedi have no defense. Breetai does this on the recognition that many Zentraedi, not just Miriya Parina have found the human way of life, too good to resist, and whom no longer want to fight for Dolza. Breetai himself, who has now had considerable exposure to human emotions and their way of life, eventually decides that the humans do not have to be his enemies and sends a micronized Exedore to negotiate a truce and an alliance against Dolza. Dolza, realizing that if this continues, the entire Zentraedi military could be affected and decides to take decisive action. Dolza orders the 4.8 million capital ships in the Grand Fleet to fold into Earth's solar system and destroy the SDF-1, the defecting Zentraedi forces, and the Earth itself to eliminate the threat of the humans once and for all.

During the battle, the Grand Fleet fires on Earth, causing horrific damage - cities, houses, soldiers and children are all vapourized as the 4.8 million ships fire relentlessly. Dolza, watching on his computer monitor only smiles while the crew of the SDF-1 watches with horror and sadness as their homeworld is devastated. However, they find the strength to launch a plan with the allied Zentraedi under Breetai to end Dolza's threat.

As Dolza orders the fleet to prepare to fire again but before the fleet can fire, the Alaska base, which survived the initial attack, fires the massive Grand Cannon which destroys a large portion of the Zentraedi Grand Fleet. The SDF-1, along with the allied Zentraedi under Breetai launch an attack against Dolza's massive planetoid homebase. Lynn Minmay (Robotech) sings throughout the battle and its broadcast causes the Zentraedi commanders throughout Dolza's fleet, who have had no exposure to human emotions, to become mentally cripplied and unable to fight, causing disorder through Dolza's forces. The SDF-1, with the help of Breetai's forces, fights its way throught the hostile fleet until it reaches Dolza's base. In a modified Daedalus attack, the SDF-1 launches a run against Dolza's base and punchess right through the outer walls. Travelling through what seems like an endless sea of metal, the SDF-1 eventually penetrates into the hollow centre. The SDF-1 launches its entire quantity of missiles at the base's weak point: its massive power source - the reflex furnace; before activiting its defense shield. Dolza, who was smiling just a few moments earlier, suddenly wears a look of shock and fear as he realizes what is about to happen. Looking at his computer monitor, he watches Minmay singing "We will win," which is the last thing he sees before he is vaporized. The planetoid base explodes with enough force to destroy the rest of the Zentraedi Grand fleet.

Although Dolza and his Grand Fleet are defeated, the cost to Earth and human race is astronomical. Approximately 95% of the Earth's surface was "devastated" in the "Zentraedi Rain of Death." [cite episode
title = Season's Greetings
episodelink = 35
series = Robotech
serieslink = Robotech (TV series)
airdate = 1985
season = 1
number = 35 []
] All major cities are reduced to ashes and most of the planet's vegatation and farmland is reduced to endless deserts. The population of the Human race is reduced from billions to only 70,000, most of whom only survive because they were onboard the SDF-1. Yet, the survivors, with the allied Zentradi, pick up the pieces and begin the long task of rebuilding Earth.

Dolza's final attack on Earth not only resulted in his own death but also marked the end of the Zentraedi's once awesome galactic power. Between the firing of the massive Grand Cannon by the Alaska Base and the massive explosion resulting from the destruction of Dolza's planetoid base, virtually the entire Zentraedi Grand Fleet is destroyed. Of the 4.8 million ships that comprised the Zentraedi Grand fleet, only a few hundred survive the battle. Most of these ships are either destroyed or join Breetai and the humans in a subsequent operation against the last surviving Zentraedi Factory satellite in June 2013. The Zentraedi who later rebel against the human way of life, led by Khyron are ultimately defeated in January of 2014, as are subsequent Zentraedi rebellions during 2014 and 2015.

However, Dolza's defeat does not mark the end of the alien threats to Earth. The Robotech Masters, after realizing that Dolza has failed to capture the SDF-1 and its protoculture matrix, begin a 15-year journey to Earth to retrieve it themselves, which sets the stage for the Second Robotech War. In 2029, the human race would again face a war for their survival, and peace would remain an elusive dream.


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