Municipal Borough of Surbiton

Municipal Borough of Surbiton
Status Improvement Commissioners District(1855 - 1894)
Urban district (1894 - 1936)
Municipal borough (after 1936)
1894 area 3,046 acres (12.3 km2)
1965 area 4,710 acres (19.1 km2)
Created 1855
Abolished 1965
Succeeded by Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames
1901 population 15,017
1961 population 62,977

Surbiton was a local government district in north east Surrey, United Kingdom from 1855 to 1965.

Until 1855 Surbiton was administered as part of the parish of Kingston upon Thames. In that year a body of improvement commissioners was formed by a local act of parliament to govern the area.[1] The Local Government Act 1894 reconstituted the Improvement Commissioners District as an urban district, and Surbiton Urban District Council was formed to replace the commissioners.

The parishes of Hook and Tolworth were added from the short-lived Kingston Rural District in 1895 and Chessington was added in 1933, transferred from Epsom Rural District. In 1936 the town was granted a charter of incorporation to become a municipal borough.

In 1965 it was abolished and its former area transferred to Greater London to be merged into an expanded Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames.


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Coordinates: 51°22′30″N 0°17′49″W / 51.375°N 0.297°W / 51.375; -0.297

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