Mohammad Farrokhi Yazdi

Mohammad Farrokhi Yazdi

Mirza Mohammad Farrokhi Yazdi (1887–October 18, 1939) was a Persian/Iranian poet and senior politician of the Reza Pahlavi era.

Born in Yazd to a person by the name of Ebrahim Yazdi, he had to leave school for work due to poverty at an early age.

Yet by the age of 16, he had already started writing poetry and gradually became active during the Persian Constitutional Revolution and was imprisoned because of writing material in opposition to the infamous 1919 treaty of Iran. In prison, he protested that “He whose only offence is love of the motherland / No creed would condemn to a dark cell…”

In 1921, he published the political newspaper "Toufan" (storm), winning fame for his poetry and constant attacks against Reza Pahlavi in his editorials.

Finally, in 1939, he was arrested, sentenced to prison at Tehran's Qasr prison, and died by air injection under Dr Ahmad Ahmadi.

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