List of Icelandic rulers

List of Icelandic rulers

Rulers of Iceland from 1262 to 1944, including the following:

* The Icelandic Commonwealth (930-1262)
* The union with the Kingdom of Norway (1262-1814)
** The personal union of Norway and Sweden (1319-1343)
** The personal union of Norway and Denmark (1380-1396)
** The Kalmar Union (1397-1536)
** The personal union of Norway and Denmark (1536-1814)
* The union with the Kingdom of Denmark (1814-1918)
* The personal union of Iceland and Denmark (Independence from Denmark, 1918-1944)
* The Republic of Iceland (Sovereignty from the Danish Monarch, 1944 to present)

Iceland was settled in the late 9th and early 10th centuries, principally by people of Norwegian and other Scandinavian origin. In 930, the ruling chiefs established a republican constitution and an assembly called the Althing - the oldest parliament in the world. Iceland remained independent until 1262, when it entered into a treaty which established a union with the Norwegian monarchy. It passed to Denmark in the late 14th century when Norway and Denmark were united under the Danish crown.


Names shown with Icelandic spelling:
*The union with the Kingdom of Norway (1262-1814)
**Hákon gamli IV Hákonarson (1262-1263)
***Gissur Þorvaldsson, Earl of Iceland (1258-1268)
**Magnús lagabætir (1263-1280)
***Gissur Þorvaldsson, Earl of Iceland (1258-1268)
**Eiríkur Magnússon (1280-1299)
**Hákon V Magnússon (1299-1319)
**Magnús Eiríksson (1319-1343)
**Hákon VI Magnússon (1343-1380)
**Ólafur IV Hákonarson (1380-1387)
**Margrét I (1387-1412)
**Eiríkur af Pommern (1412-1442)
**Kristófer af Bavaríu (1442-1448)
**Karl I af Noregi (1449-1450)
**Kristján I (1450-1481)
**Hans I (1481-1513)
**Kristján II (1513-1523)
**Friðrik I (1523-1533)
**Kristján III (1534-1559)
**Friðrik II (1559-1588)
**Kristján IV (1588-1648)
**Friðrik III (1648-1670)
**Kristján V (1670-1699)
**Friðrik IV (1699-1730)
**Kristján VI (1730-1746)
**Friðrik V (1746-1766)
**Kristján VII (1766-1808)

*The union with the Kingdom of Denmark (1814-1918)
**Friðrik VI (1808-1839)
**Kristján VIII (1839-1848)
**Friðrik VII (1848-1863)
**Kristján IX (1863-1906)
**Friðrik VIII (1906-1912)

*The Kingdom of Iceland (1918-1944)
**Kristján X (1912-1944)
**Regency (1940 - 1941)
**Hermann Jónasson, Prime Minister, Progressive Party (Iceland)
**Jakob Ragnar Valdimar Møller, Minister of Finance, Independence Party (Iceland)
**Stefán Jóhann Stefánsson, Minister of Social Affairs, Social Democratic Party (Iceland)
**Sveinn Björnsson, regent, Non-Party, (1941 - 1944)

See also

*Jørgen Jørgensen, "Jörundur hundadagakonungur" ("Jørgen the dog-days King" in Icelandic), a Danish adventurer that proclaimed himself temporary king during some months of 1809.
*List of Presidents of Iceland
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*List of Norwegian monarchs
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*Lists of incumbents

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