List of fictional rapid transit stations

List of fictional rapid transit stations

There are many instances in popular culture in which fictional underground stations appear. In many cases for film or television, actual stations are used for the purpose of filming.

List of fictional London Underground stations

* Bloomsbury – 1934 film "Bulldog Jack".
* Camden Road – Appeared in the film "The Gentle Gunman"; footage later reused in the 1969 ITV television programme "Strange Report".
* Charnham – TV soap "Family Affairs".
* Crouch End – 2004 film "Shaun of the Dead" featured a deleted scene (included on the DVD).
*:The title character (played by Simon Pegg) attempted to catch a tube to work from the station only to find it closed. A special 'Crouch End' tube station sign was made for the film scene and, according to Pegg's DVD commentary, is now mounted in his own bedroom. Under an abandoned part of the Underground's 1930s Northern Heights plan the real life Crouch End main line station would have transferred to the Northern Line. The station closed in 1954 without the transfer taking place (see also: Closed London Underground stations).
* Duchess Street – featured in the 1932 Jack Hulbert film "Love on Wheels".
* Hanover Street – 1979 film "Hanover Street", starring Harrison Ford.
* Hayne Street – Mock-up found in the Disneyland Paris Disney Studios "Studio Tram Tour" inspired by the film "Reign of Fire" (2002); the film did not include a completed/named station.
* Hickory Road tube station – in "Hickory Dickory Dock", Agatha Christie novel.
*:"Hickory Dickory Dock", one of Agatha Christie's detective stories featuring Hercule Poirot, is set in Hickory Road in London. A version of the story was made by Carnival Films for London Weekend Television's ""Poirot"" series. First broadcast in February 1995, the start of the programme sees the main characters alighting from an Underground train and exiting from Hickory Road station. The climax of the programme also involves a chase around the fictional station.
* Hobbs End – 1957–58 BBC serial "Quatermass and the Pit" and the 1967 film version.
*:Featured a tube station called "Hobbs End". The station is located at the end of the non-existent 'Hobbs Lane'. One shot shows a new street nameplate reading "Hobbs End", and indicating it as being in the W10 postal district. Next to it a much older nameplate reading "Hob's End". "Hob" is an old name for the Devil.
*Lewisham, Ladywell, Edge of the World and Catford – An episode of LWT comedy series End of Part One
*:The main characters watch a film called "The Life of Christopher Columbus". In the film, Columbus goes to a tube station and asks for a train to America but is told he can go only as far as Catford. Part of a modified tube map is shown which shows the fictitious tube stations "Lewisham", "Ladywell", "Edge of the World" and "Catford" on the East London Section of the Metropolitan Line south from New Cross station. There is an actual part of the mainline Mid-Kent Railway that interchanges with New Cross station, and the stations are, southwards in order: St. John's, Lewisham, Ladywell and Catford Bridge (Catford on a different line interchanges with the latter).
* Museum – 1972 film "Death Line"., computer games Broken Sword 2 & Beneath a Steel Sky. (See also: the real British Museum station)
* Park Street – 1948 film "The Passionate Friends".
* Queen's Arcade – "Doctor Who" episode.
* Rumbaloo Line – Tube line in Joan Aiken's children's book, Arabel's Raven.
* Sun Hill – Long-running ITV police drama, "The Bill".
* Vauxhall Cross – 2002 James Bond film "Die Another Day".
*:A supposed closed station on a disused branch of the Piccadilly Line (similar to Aldwych) that runs south of the river to Vauxhall Cross, in the vicinity of the MI6 building. In fact, the Piccadilly Line does not cross the river at all, although Vauxhall on the Victoria Line is within about 100 metres.
* Walford East – BBC TV soap "Eastenders".
*:The BBC soap opera "EastEnders" created Walford East tube station [] , which replaces Bromley-by-Bow on the "EastEnders" tube map, to allow the locals to escape "up West" for a night out. Neither Walford nor the tube station exists - except on the "EastEnders" set. Most of the platform and train shots are filmed at East Finchley.
* Wells Lane – BBC "Spooks" Series 5 Episode 7
*:An episode of the BBC series "Spooks" (broadcast 23 October 2006) featured a fictional disused Underground station called "Wells Lane".
* Winchester – The book "Doctor Who: Invasion of the Dinosaurs".
* World's End – BBC "Doctor Who" episode "The Dalek Invasion of Earth" (1964).

Fictional Glasgow Subway Stations

* Shieldinch - BBC Scotland soap River City.


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