List of Marilyns in Scotland

List of Marilyns in Scotland

The full list of the 1214 Marilyns in Scotland is divided geographically into four pages. Included in this are the list of the 220 Corbetts and the list of the 224 Grahams.

Marilyns are hills in the British Isles with relative height of at least convert|150|m|ft|0 irrespective of absolute height. The list was compiled by Alan Dawson and published in "The Relative Hills of Britain".cite book | last=Dawson | first=Alan | year=1992 | title=The Relative Hills of Britain | url= | publisher=Cicerone Press | location=Milnthorpe | id=ISBN 1-85284-068-4]

Corbetts are Scottish mountains that are 2500–3000 ft (762.0–914.4 m) high with a relative height of convert|500|ft|m|1. The list was compiled in the 1920s by John Rooke Corbett, a Bristol-based climber and SMC member, and was published posthumously after it was passed to the SMC by his sister.cite book | last=Bearhop | first=D.A. | year=1997 | title=Munro's Tables | id=ISBN 0-907521-53-3 | publisher=Scottish Mountaineering Club & Trust] (A metric definition requiring 150 m of relative height is sometimes used; use of the broader metric definition does not result in any additional summits being included.)

Grahams are Scottish mountains that are 2000–2500 ft (609.6–762.0 m) high with a relative height of convert|150|m|ft|0. The list of hills fitting these criteria was first published by Alan Dawson in "The Relative Hills of Britain" under the provisional name "Elsies" (LCs, short for Lesser Corbetts). They were later named Grahams after the late Fiona Torbet (née Graham) who had compiled a similar list around the same time. [cite book | last=Dawson | first=Alan | year=1999 | title=The Grahams and the New Donalds | id=ISBN 0-9534376-0-4 | publisher=TACit Press | location=Cambuskenneth, Stirling | url=]


fnb|1 One mountain, Buidhe Bheinn (gbm4ibx|NG963090) is generally considered a Corbett but not a Marilyn. This mountain is the same height as Sgurr a' Bhac Chaolais and is separated from it by a drop of less than 500 feet. This special case is handled differently by the maintainers of the lists of Corbetts and Marilyns, and means that there are 102 Corbetts in the Northern Highlands of which only 101 are Marilyns.cite book | title=Corbett Tops and Corbetteers | last=Dawson | first=Alan | coauthors=Hewitt, Dave | id=ISBN 0-9534376-1-2 | publisher=TACit Press | location=Cambuskenneth, Stirling | year=1999]

fnb|2 Five small inshore islands are duplicated between the islands list and the mainland lists.


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