Christine Korsgaard

Christine Korsgaard
Korsgaard, Christine Marion
Full name Korsgaard, Christine Marion
Born 1952
Chicago, Illinois, United States
Era 20th-century philosophy
Region Western Philosophy
School Analytic
Main interests moral philosophy · Kantianism

Christine Marion Korsgaard (born 1952 in Chicago, Illinois)[citation needed] is an American philosopher and academic whose main scholarly interests are in moral philosophy and its history; the relation of issues in moral philosophy to issues in metaphysics, the philosophy of mind, and the theory of personal identity; the theory of personal relationships; and in normativity in general. She has taught at Yale, the University of California at Santa Barbara, and the University of Chicago; since 1991 she has been a professor at Harvard University, where she is now Arthur Kingsley Porter Professor of Philosophy.

Korsgaard received a B.A. from the University of Illinois and a Ph.D from Harvard, where she was a student of John Rawls. She also received an LHD Doctor of Humane Letters from the University of Illinois in 2004.[citation needed]

In 1996, Korsgaard published a book entitled The Sources of Normativity, which was the revised version of her Tanner Lectures on Human Values, and also a collection of her past papers on Kant's moral philosophy and Kantian approaches to contemporary moral philosophy: Creating the Kingdom of Ends. In 2002, she gave the John Locke Lectures at the University of Oxford, which turned into her most recent book, Self-Constitution: Agency, Identity, and Integrity.


Selected publications


  • (2009) Self-Constitution: Agency, Identity, and Integrity, Oxford University Press.
  • (2008) The Constitution of Agency, Oxford University Press.
  • (1996a) The Sources of Normativity, New York: Cambridge University Press, ISBN 0-521-55059-9.
  • (1996b) Creating the Kingdom of Ends, New York: Cambridge University Press, ISBN 0-521-49644-6.


  • (1986) "Skepticism about Practical Reason," The Journal of Philosophy 83 (1): 5-25. (Reprinted in as ch.11 in Korsgaard (1996b), pp. 311–334.)
  • (1997) "The Normativity of Instrumental Reason", ch. 8 in Garrett Cullity & Berys Gaut (eds.) Ethics and Practical Reason, Oxford: Clarendon Press, pp. 215–54. (Reprinted with Afterword in Korsgaard (2008), pp. 27–69.)

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