Real-time (disambiguation)

Real-time (disambiguation)

Real-time, real time, or realtime may refer to:

* Real time systems, which respond to events or signals as fast as possible, or as they happen. These include:
** Real-time computing, the study of computer systems which are subject to a real-time constraint
** Real-time operating system, a multitasking operating system intended for real-time applications
** Real-time computer graphics, the producing and analysis of images in real time
** Real time Java, techniques for developing real time systems in the Java programming language
** Real-time Blackhole List, the first system to use DNS blacklist technology
** Real-time Transport Protocol and Real Time Messaging Protocol, protocols for delivering audio and video over a computer network
** Real Time Streaming Protocol and Real time control protocol, protocols for controlling streaming media over a computer network
** Real-time protection, automatic protection provided by computer security systems
** Realtime transcription, transcription of spoken words within a few seconds of their being spoken
** Real time (media), a narrative technique in which the events depicted take place entirely within the span of the depiction, and at the same rate
** Real-time strategy, a computer game genre of strategic war games
** Real-time tactics, a computer game genre of tactical war games
** Real-time polymerase chain reaction, a laboratory technique for amplification of DNA that provides quantitative results during the process
** Real time business intelligence, the process of delivering information about business operations without any latency
** Real Time Gross Settlement, an online system for settling transactions between financial institutions
* Realtime Worlds, a BAFTA-winning Scottish game developer
* Real-Time Innovations, an American software company
* Real Time Components, distributor of electronic components
* Real-time Cmix, a music programming language
* Real-time clock, an electronic clock that keeps accurate time
* Real Time Kinematic, a satellite navigation technique
* Real time, a synonym for presentism in philosophy of time
* Realtime Games Software, a former British video game developer
* Realtime (quartet), a barbershop quartet
* "Real Time", a webcast based on the television programme "Doctor Who"
* "Real Time with Bill Maher", a talk show on HBO
* "Fox Real Time", a headline update segment on the "Fox News Live" television program
* RealTime (computer tool), a news reader and screen saver produced by RealNetworks
* - album by Greek Group: C:Real
* Realtime, a radio show on CBC 2

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