Thomas and Friends - Season 1

Thomas and Friends - Season 1

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Thomas and Friends is a children's television series about the engines and other characters working on the railways of the Island of Sodor, and is based on The Railway Series of books written by Rev. W. Awdry.

This article lists and details episodes from the first series, which was first broadcast in 1984. Most episodes in this season have two titles: the episodes are listed by their original titles, while American-adapted titles are italicised below (and further indicated by " - US title", where applicable). Both titles are considered valid, although the original titles are perhaps more correct than the American-adapted titles.

Series 1 is narrated by Ringo Starr, although he and George Carlin have since re-narrated the episodes for American audiences.


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Title=Thomas and Gordon
AltTitle=Thomas Gets Tricked
OriginalAirDate=4 September, 1984
ShortSummary=Thomas is a blue tank engine who works at a big station on the Island of Sodor, shunting coaches to their proper places. He enjoys teasing the other engines, especially Gordon, the biggest engine. When his teasing goes too far, Gordon decides to pay him out.
Episode list
Title=Edward and Gordon
AltTitle=Edward Helps Out
OriginalAirDate=9 September, 1984
ShortSummary=Edward is a little old engine, and has not been out working for a while. His crew feel sorry for him, and decide to use him one day. Not only that, but he helps out Gordon the next day when he gets stuck on a hill.
Episode list
Title= The Sad Story of Henry
AltTitle=Come Out Henry!
OriginalAirDate=12 September, 1984
ShortSummary=A green engine, named Henry, is afraid of the rain, thinking it will spoil his paint. One day, he runs into a tunnel and refuses to come out. After numerous attempts to move him, the Fat Controller decides to shut him in the tunnel until he is ready to come out.
Episode list
Title= Edward, Gordon and Henry
AltTitle=Henry to the Rescue
OriginalAirDate=14 September, 1984
ShortSummary=Henry has been stuck in the tunnel for a long time now, and wishes he hadn't been so silly. But one day, Gordon goes too fast and bursts a safety valve. Edward is the only engine available, but he can't push the heavy train.
Episode list
Title=Thomas' Train
AltTitle=A Big Day for Thomas
OriginalAirDate=17 September, 1984
ShortSummary=Thomas is getting bored with shunting, and wishes he could pull a train instead of meerly collecting coaches. When Henry is ill, his chance comes...with disastrous results!
Episode list
Title=Thomas and the Trucks
AltTitle=Trouble for Thomas
OriginalAirDate=20 September, 1984
ShortSummary=Thomas is fed up with shunting coaches in the yard, so Edward agrees to swap jobs the next day. However, Edward's train consists of trucks, which love to play tricks, especially on an engine not used to them, like Thomas.
Episode list
Title=Thomas and the Breakdown Train
AltTitle=Thomas Saves the Day
OriginalAirDate=22 September, 1984
ShortSummary=Shunting in the yards, Thomas comes across a strange train called "The Breakdown Train". When James, the red engine has an accident, Thomas quickly comes to the rescue. The Fat Controller is so pleased with Thomas, he gives him his own branchline as a reward.
Episode list
Title=James and the Coaches
AltTitle=James Learns a Lesson
OriginalAirDate=25 September, 1984
ShortSummary=James, after having an accident in a paddock on his first day, is now trying to be really useful. He does however cause trouble, when he wets the Fat Controller's new top hat with steam, and then bumps coaches so hard that one of their brakes fail.
Episode list
Title=Troublesome Trucks
AltTitle=Foolish Freight Cars
OriginalAirDate=2 October, 1984
ShortSummary=James is in trouble with the Fat Controller. He has been confined to the shed for a long time, but is released to pull trucks. He works hard, and then takes a goods train up Gordon's Hill. The trucks misbehave, but James doesn't give up.
Episode list
Title=James and the Express
AltTitle=A Proud Day for James
OriginalAirDate=7 October, 1984
ShortSummary=James, after proving himself useful, is to shunt coaches in the yard. Gordon puffs by, boasting about himself as usual, saying he could take the Express by instinct. James ignores him, and continues working. Later, James sees Gordon puff into the station quietly and sadly. He finds out Gordon was switched the wrong way and got lost.
Episode list
Title=Thomas and the Guard
AltTitle=Thomas and the Conductor
OriginalAirDate=9 October, 1984
ShortSummary=Thomas is very busy working on his branch line with Annie and Clarabel. But one morning Henry is late, and this makes Thomas cross. When Henry finally arrives, Thomas insults him, and hurries away. Because he is in such a rush, he leaves the guard behind.
Episode list
Title=Thomas Goes Fishing
OriginalAirDate=12 October, 1984
ShortSummary=Thomas loves his branch line. He wants to fish after seeing the fishermen, but the other engines say he can't. The next day Thomas needs a drink, but the water tower is out of order, so Thomas' crew decide to get water from the river. However there's a consequence.
Episode list
Title=Thomas, Terence and the Snow
AltTitle=Terence the Tractor
OriginalAirDate=15 October, 1984
ShortSummary=Thomas meets Terence the tractor. Thomas says Terence's wheels are ugly. Terence explains that they are caterpillar tracks, and he can go "anywhere", which comes in handy during the winter when Thomas doesn't use his snowplough...
Episode list
Title=Thomas and Bertie
AltTitle=Thomas and Bertie's Great Race
OriginalAirDate=20 October, 1984
ShortSummary=Thomas stops at a signal near the bus depot, and meets a bus named Bertie. Bertie reminds Thomas of the time he took his passengers after he got stuck in the snow and Terence came to pull him out, and Thomas gets jealous. He challenges Bertie to a race.
Episode list
Title=Tenders and Turntables
OriginalAirDate=21 October, 1984
ShortSummary=Gordon, James, and Henry are upset that they have more work to do. Now that Thomas is gone, they have to shunt their own coaches. Soon, Gordon and James have trouble on the turntable because of this, always having to turn around to shunt.
Episode list
Title=Trouble in the Shed
OriginalAirDate=24 October, 1984
ShortSummary=Gordon, James and Henry are causing trouble for the Fat Controller. They are going on strike for being treated unfairly, and refuse to work. The Fat Controller tells them off, and goes to get Edward so he can work in the yard again. But Edward can't manage alone, so he finds a new engine called Percy and shuts the big engines up.
Episode list
Title=Percy Runs Away
OriginalAirDate=26 October, 1984
ShortSummary=Percy, the new engine, is working hard, and Gordon, James and Henry have been let out of the shed for learning the errors of their ways. Percy, Edward and Thomas go and play on Thomas' branch line. Edward then goes to the Quarry leaving Percy alone, He doesn't mind that a bit. However, he ignores Edward's warning about going on the main line, and is almost in a collision with Gordon and the Express.
Episode list
AltTitle=Henry's Special Coal
OriginalAirDate=28 October, 1984
ShortSummary=Henry is not feeling well. His firebox is too small, and he can't make enough steam. Sometimes he doesn't even have enough power to pull a train. The Fat Controller addresses the problem, and comes to a conclusion that Henry needs Welsh coal.
Episode list
Title=The Flying Kipper
OriginalAirDate=31 October, 1984
ShortSummary=Henry, now having new Welsh Coal and feeling better, is chosen to pull the 'Flying Kipper', a train of fish vans to deliver around Sodor. He is happy, and soon sets off for the snowy countryside in the early morning. He is having a good time, but some points that go to the main line are frozen to a siding and he misreads a signal that is supposed to say danger, but was pushed down by snow.
Episode list
Title=Whistles and Sneezes
OriginalAirDate=3 November, 1984
ShortSummary=Henry, now having his new shape, tends to whistle loudly and happily. Gordon despises this, and lectures him about it. Henry is miserable after hearing this, but cheers up later when Gordon's whistle jams 'on', and he won't stop whistling! Next day, Henry experiences troubles of his own, when boys throw stones at him from a bridge, breaking his coaches' windows, and annoying his crew and the passengers.
Episode list
Title=Toby and the Stout Gentleman
AltTitle=Toby the Tram Engine
OriginalAirDate=6 November, 1984
ShortSummary=Toby is a tram engine who works on his own little line. He is happy there with his coach Henrietta, but is quickly running out of work, being replaced by cars, lorries and buses. Soon, he is only carrying a few passengers and shunting few trucks.
Episode list
Title=Thomas in Trouble
AltTitle=Thomas Breaks the Rules
OriginalAirDate=9 November, 1984
ShortSummary=Every day Thomas travels down a part of his line, which runs beside a road. Usually the friendly policeman at the crossing lets him pass, but a new policeman has taken over, and does not take kindly to Thomas whistling to him in a friendly way. Things take a turn for the worse when the policeman books Thomas as a lawbreaker for not having cowcatchers. When The Fat Controller hears about it he buys Toby who brings Henrietta with him.
Episode list
Title=Dirty Objects
AltTitle=James in a Mess
OriginalAirDate=12 November, 1984
ShortSummary=Toby is still new to the railway, and often gets bullied by James about his and Henrietta's appearance. But one day James gets pushed out of control by trucks, and pushed into the yard.
Episode list
Title=Off the Rails
AltTitle=Gordon Takes a Dip
OriginalAirDate=19 November, 1984
ShortSummary=Gordon is feeling cross one morning, especially having to pull a goods train. He decides to jam the turntable to prove a point, but only proves to be silly when his attempt makes him slide into a ditch.
Episode list
Title=Down the Mine
OriginalAirDate=23 November, 1984
ShortSummary=Thomas teases Gordon about the time he fell in a ditch, much to the horror of Annie and Clarabel. Thomas doesn't care a bit, and is then sent to work at the Mines. He notices a danger board that says "Danger, Engines Must Not Pass This Board" near the tracks, and wants to go past it to prove there's no danger.
Episode list
Title=Thomas' Christmas Party
OriginalAirDate=25 December, 1984
ShortSummary=It's Christmas on the Island of Sodor. All the engines are busy with passengers and parcels, especially Thomas. He likes it when he passes Mrs. Kyndley's house while working, and she always waves to him. Thomas says it wouldn't be Christmas without Mrs. Kyndley, and then goes to the shed to discuss to the other engines about throwing a Christmas party for her.


*This season introduces many of the major locations around Sodor including the Big Station (Knapford), Edward's Station (Wellsworth), Gordon's Hill, Henry's Tunnel and The Shed (Tidmouth)
*The characters introduced in this season would become the central characters in seasons to come. In Season 8, the railway engines introduced in this season (Thomas, Edward, Henry, Gordon, James, Percy and Toby) are seven of the eight engines who form the "Steam Team".
*All of the stories featured in this season were written by the Rev. W. Awdry. The only one of these stories which did not originally feature in The Railway Series was "Thomas' Christmas Party", although this story does reference Railway Series events in Mrs Kyndley's Christmas.
*Percy has 4 faces in this season.
*The only episode in this season that does not take place on the Fat Controller's Railway is "Toby and the Stout Gentleman".
*This is the only Season not to feature any Diesel Engines
*"Thomas Goes Fishing" is the first episode to have the same title in the US and UK.
*"Whistles and Sneezes" would be Ringo Starr's chance to narrate in the US due to George Carlin's death.

Characters introduced

"Note that since this is the first season of the series, all characters featured in the season were "introduced" in some way. This section lists which episode each character had a "formal" introduction in."
*Thomas ("Thomas and Gordon")
*Edward ("Edward and Gordon")
*Henry ("Thomas and Gordon", Improperly) ("The Sad Story of Henry", Properly)
*Gordon ("Thomas and Gordon")
*James ("Thomas and Gordon", Improperly) ("Thomas and the Breakdown train", Properly)
*Percy ("Trouble in the Shed")
*Toby ("Toby and the Stout Gentleman")
*Bertie ("Thomas, Terence and the Snow", Not By Name) ("Thomas and Bertie", By Name)
*Terence ("Thomas, Terence and the Snow")
*The Fat Controller ("Thomas and Gordon", Cameo) ("The Sad Story of Henry")
*Mrs. Kyndley ("Thomas' Christmas Party")
*Annie and Clarabel ("Thomas and the Breakdown Train")
*Henrietta ("Toby and the Stout Gentleman")
*The Breakdown Train ("Thomas and the Breakdown Train")
*Troublesome Trucks ("Edward and Gordon") ("Thomas and the Trucks", With more Detail)

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