Bahnaric languages

Bahnaric languages
Linguistic classification: Austro-Asiatic
  • Nuclear Mon–Khmer
    • Khmero-Vietic
      • Khmero-Bahnaric
        • Bahnaric
Central Bahnaric
North Bahnaric
West Bahnaric

The Bahnaric languages are a group of about thirty Mon–Khmer languages spoken by about 700,000 people in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos. Paul Sidwell notes that Austroasiatic/Mon–Khmer languages are lexically more similar to Bahnaric and Katuic the closer they are geographically, independently of which branch of the family they belong to, but that Bahnaric and Katuic do not have any shared innovations that would suggest that together they form a branch of the Austroasiatic family.

Internal diversity suggests that the family broke up about 3000 years ago.[citation needed]

  • West Bahnaric: a dialect chain to the west of North Bahnaric, including:
    • Brao–Kavet: Lave (Brao), Kru'ng, Kravet, Sou
    • Laven
    • Nyaheun
    • Oi–The: Jeng, Oy, Sok, Sapuan, The
  • Central Bahnaric: a language family divided by the Chamic languages [1]
    • Alak
    • Cua
    • West Central: Kassang/Taliang, Yaeh
    • South Central: to the southwest of Chamic:
  • South Bahnaric languages:
    • Stieng–Chrau: Chrau,[2] Bulo Stieng
    • Sre–Mnong: Koho, Mnong,
    • Budeh Stieng

Kassang is a Bahnaric language (Sidwell 2003), though Ethnologue lists it as Katuic.


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