Tracy Repchuk

Tracy Repchuk

Tracy Lynn Repchuk (born 1965) is a Canadian writer and poet. Repchuk is the president and founder of the Canadian Federation of Poets and Editor of "Poetry Canada Magazine".

Repchuk lives in Burbank, California.


*"The Poetry of Business" ISBN - 978-0-9731832-0-9 (InnerSurf Publishing, 2003)
*"Luggage Lizards World Tour" (InnerSurf Publishing, 2007)
*"31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles" ISBN - 978-0-9732762-8-2 (InnerSurf Publishing, 2007)
*"The Future Looks Bright" - ISBN 978-0-9732762-7-4 (editor)
*"Tales of Glissen" - ISBN 0-9732762-5-8 (editor)
*"Feel the Bright Light" - ISBN 0-9732762-7-4 (editor)
*"Spirit of Humanity - Artists for a Better World" (editor)

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